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Learn How Orlando’s Implemented Digital Menu Boards to Improve Food Sales

Located in the heart of Linden’s California, Orlando’s is a local favorite full-service 24-hour restaurant, ice cream shop, fresh foods Marketplace, carwash, and gas station mega-center.

From being able to choose from over 200 craft beers on tap to getting a fresh-off-the-grill Rib Eye Steak Sandwich, Orlando’s consists of five businesses operating under one roof.


With so many moving components, daily specials, and items being sold, the need to maintain accurate prices in a visually compelling manner was essential to Orlando’s. When it came to their restaurant (Sammy’s Bar & Grill) and ice cream shop (Dryers Ice Cream), Orlandos was using elementary digital menu board service that their POS vendor provided. The previous digital menu consisted of a slideshow of pictures with pricing that rotated through to fast, preventing customers from reading the menu. Customer experiences were affected, leading to Orlando’s search for a new digital menu board provider.

The Solution

After reviewing three vendors and demos, Orlandos selected NoviSign. Fast response times, straightforward pricing, and ease of use were the top three deciding factors for Orlando’s. After deciding to move ahead with NoviSign, Orlando’s worked closely with NoviSign’s digital menu board design department to get the initial digital menu board created and set-up. All of the menu item names, descriptions, prices, and food images were set-up to be easily editable with using any computer or laptop.

The Results

Initially, Orlandos purchased a total of 7 digital menu boards systems. Five for Sammy’s Bar & Grill and 2 for Dryers Ice Cream. After getting the TV’s up and running with NoviSign, Orlandos saw immediate effects:


  • Appetizer sales increased by 11%, and Ice Cream Sunday sales rose 9%
  • Restaurant ordering wait lines decreased due to improved menu visibility
  • Store managers can add and update menu items and prices
  • New meals, desserts, and combos can be easily featured on the screens
  • Breakfast and dinner menus are set to auto-display based on time of day


Several weeks after getting the initial digital menu board installed, Orlandos added two more screens for in-store advertising. From greeting customers to spotlighting featured items on sale, the screens allow Orlandos to reach their customers with on-demand information directly.


“We choose NoviSign initially for digital menu boards, but it’s much more. It’s a way to connect with your customers. We display ads, weather, videos, photos, our Instagram feed, and more! With our digital menus, we set schedules to display our breakfast and lunch specials. During our morning breakfast rush, we have a Fresh Hot Coffee ad pre-scheduled to play, and on our in-store promo screens, we have Don’t Forget Your Milk & Eggs add set to play during the evening rush. We will be using NoviSign at our other store and will be telling others about them.”

  – Jerry Sinner, Orlando’s


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