NoviSign digital signage RCH Football Club
Customer Case Study
Industry: Sports
Application: Club Signage
Digital signage of RCH Football Club
Digital signage of RCH Football Club
  Simple changes
From his home location, our webmaster makes the latest changes very easily. Information data can be adjusted or be added instantly. NoviSign narrowcasting will pick that up in no time!
RCH Football Club (since 1911!) from the Netherlands needed a swift and simple way to display all its club data to the club members. They found and selected NoviSign.
RCH is a football (soccer) club from the Netherlands. As a sports club they needed a fast and simple way to use a narrowcasting program to display club, score & team data for their football club. They found NoviSign on Google.
“Every voluntary employee in our canteen is capable to start or end the narrowcasting with one push on the TV. No complicated explanation is needed!”
“…We thank NoviSign for their support and the use of their tremendous and wonderful digital signage service.”
“Because of NoviSign’s narrowcasting program we are able to inform and provide our club members with all our news and info. A football scoreboard supplies everyone with the latest competition data and info. Super!”, said Mr. Bart from the club.
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