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Worten Digital Signage and Display Labels Solution

Worten TV labels

Worten – The biggest electronic brands chain in Portugal and Spain, with over 230 stores and more than 4000 employees.

The Challenge

Bringing a complete digital broadcast solution to stores that have already been used screens. Therefore, we had to think of a creative solution that will allow the use of the existing screens instead of overloading additional ones.

The Solution

NoviSign’s solution provides complete up-todate visibility in the chain stores. This solution makes it possible to “dress the store” easily and creatively and to give a lively fun interactive experience for the customers.
The NoviSign solution is unique, because it uses all the screens available in the store – from the plasma screens shown for sale to the smartphone screens displayed on the shelf.
NoviSign provides end-to-end broadcast solution that enables Worten to create content and monitor it in over 10,000 different displays at more than 180 stores throughout Portugal, remotely.
The NoviSign player displays a playlist, while synchronizing the content between each one of the products. Products that are located close to each other can create together a complete image or change images simultaneously. In addition, due to NoviSign software, each product can broadcast the same image or footage but with a different price and product info.
The NoviSign content, in fact, serves as a kind of screensaver of the product. Once you touch the product, the screensaver disappears and you can examine the functions of the product itself.

Worten laptops label

Worten Solution

NoviSign’s innovative software has been installed in the Worten chain. This enables synchronization among all screens throughout the store, playing content from a smart player, downloading content from the cloud, and of course simple remote control and countless design options.
The software allows control over the content displayed on a variety of elements throughout the store, starting from the main entrance gate, to the Videowalls around the store and the controlling of the product screens displayed for sale. This makes it possible to broadcast prices and product info on the actual product screens instead of using the old fashioned labels.
In addition, self Service Kiosk Stands were implemented in different places in the stores to enable customers to search for products and information.  The customers can be forwarded from the kiosk directly to the Worten site and receive further information about the products and examine them closely.
Besides the Kiosk Stands, customer service & Information screens have been installed, in different areas of the stores and mainly around the customer service area, Including external information and queues.

Wroten led gate

The Results

With the NoviSign solution, Worten stores are well designed, attractive, lively and dynamic, and the great news is that they can easily be changed. One day the entrance gates are promoting LG or Samsung, and the next day they invite people to the Black Friday sales.
Worten’s stores are no longer as deviant as they used to be. They are constantly decorated and updated quickly according to holidays and other marketing needs, with no in-store maintenance.
Nevertheless, Worten has become very efficient even in the so-called simple day-to-day activities due to the NoviSign Solution. There is no longer a need for paper printed labels on devices, as NoviSign software is integrated with the Worten information system and displays pricing and information as a label on the product screen. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and TV screens are getting real-time product and price info from the NoviSign System, displayed as a label on the screen.

This solution is significantly more efficient for employees and simplifies their work and at the same time upgrades the customer’s experience.

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Wroten led gate

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