When discussing hardware for digital signage, two components are relevant to the NoviSign online digital signage solution.

The screen is any kind of mass-production flat TV/PC screen that enables media presentation (using HDMI or serial plug-ins). The screen displays the campaigns managed by NoviSign SaaS and played by NoviSign-certified players. In some cases screen and player can be part of one device (see below).
The player is a CPU-based device that can connect to the Internet via the network and retrieve the campaign for display from the NoviSign cloud server. The player is a small PC or an Android device. Currently, we support in 3 different platforms (operating systems): Android, Windows and Chrome OS.
Player and screen
Another option becoming more and more popular is a combination player and screen. If you look at the Android tablet, it has both a computing unit with network connectivity (the player) and display. Thus, the use of the Android tablets and Android LED TV is probably where we will all begin soon.
So what hardware do we at NoviSign recommend?
With NoviSign, you can choose the hardware of your choice that will fit your project needs regarding price and performance. Take any screen, connect it to a Windows-based PC of your choice or connect it to an Android TV box device.
Running on a Windows PC player
NoviSign can run on almost any PC, and the requirements from the PC are minimal. As long as your PC can open a Web browser and support Adobe Flash you are ready to use it as your player. Choose the PC with the right size, cost and brand that is your organization’s favorite, as it is all fine with us. You can run it on the PC as a Windows-link player by opening a URL in full screen using your browser or download our signage player application for Windows.
Android TV Box Devices
Beginning in 2011, every day we have been seeing more and more Android-based TV boxes devices released to the market, with a price per unit of less than 100 USD. Download the NoviSign player for free from Google Play and start broadcasting. Here is a link to our recommended Android TV boxes list.
Android Tablets and Mobile Devices
Touch phones have been changing our lives, and now they are doing it for the signage world. Today, the most effective way in signage is probably to select a tablet or mobile device with any screen size and use it as online digital signage. NoviSign supports mini-digital signage based on the small 3-7 inch tablet, small signage on ~10 inch tablets and standard signage on Android touch screens for 20 inches and veven up to 60 inches, available on the market today. The tablet can connect to the network via Wi-Fi or mobile communication of 3G and LTE.