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Digital Signage Players

Digital Signage Players

Use any Android, Chrome OS or Windows digital signage player

You will need a digital signage player to send your content to the screen. A digital signage player is a hardware device that connects to a display via HDMI. The best way of thinking about it is Netflix. Download the Netflix app and begin watching movies. NoviSign is the same. Simply purchase your device and download our digital signage player app!

Plug & Play

Connects to any TV via HDMI

WiFi or Hardwired

Easily connects to the internet

Fast Updates

New content updates within minutes

Content Caches

Plays even without internet access

Smart Play

Content auto plays after power reboot


Supports landscape and portrait



Minix endeavors to provide state-of-the-art digital signage players, passionately focusing on the design and aesthetics, never compromising on either. Minix redefines the way you interact and control your media and creates a computing experience second to none.

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IAdea Taiwan


IAdea digital signage players are known for hardware reliability and to be extremely robust. Their digital signage players run on Android and feature full resolution 4K video at high-bitrates, for artifact-free crystal clear UHD video playback.

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Rated for both industrial and commercial applications, Qbic offers a full line of high-end, long lasting digital signage players. From HD to ultra 4K to HDMI-IN configurations, Qbic is a fast-growing digital signage player manufacturer.

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Qbic tech
nuc Simply
Simply NUC


A 2019 Platinum Provider for Intel’s NUC digital signage player, SimplyNUC offers both standard and custom windows based digital signage players.

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Advantech offers fanless, high performing digital signage players, designed for mid to enterprise-grade digital signage applications. They offer 1080p and 4K digital signage players, as well as powerful video wall and multi-display digital signage players.

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Advan tech
GeniaTech Logo


GeniaTech supports customers around the world and in doing so is considered a leader in the design, manufacture and solution support of a full range of innovative Android digital signage players. From digital TV tuners, Android/Linux based hardware and software platforms, IPTV OTT/STB solutions, digital signage solutions, hotel TV solutions, IoT solutions, smart gateways, custom applications and much more!

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CTL doesn’t just create technology. They’re committed to advancing it to shape a better tomorrow. They’re inspired, passionate, experienced and ready to help their partners succeed. CTL is a proud Google Partner and manufacturer of Chrome-related products.

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Digital Signage Player FAQ

  • What is a digital signage player?

    A digital signage player is a small form device (approx 4.5” x 4.5” x 1.5”) that gets connected to your display, digital sign or digital kiosk via HDMI. Installed on the digital signage player is the digital signage software. Digital signage players can either be updated via a USB stick or they can be connected to the internet to download updates from the “cloud”.

  • How does a digital signage player work?

    To download content from the internet, a digital signage player must be connected to the internet either through WiFi or hardware. The signage media player can be set to check for new updates every minute if a new update is received the old content is deleted and the new content is saved.

  • What are the most popular digital signage players?

    From a power and price standpoint Android, digital signage players are the most prevalent. This is due to the wide variety of players available online for purchase on sites like Amazon or Newegg. The second most popular form of digital signage players are Chrome OS devices. Chromebits are readily available and pricing for those come in at $90.

    The Chromebit (also called “Chromestick”) is a decent entry level player that is good for displaying menu boards, images, scrolling tickers, news feed and other forms of basic media. If you are going to be playing motion graphics and multiple videos, Chromboxes are recommended.

  • What are Android digital signage players?

    Android digital signage player also known as Android TV boxes are compact little boxes that come with the Android system loaded. For running digital signage, we recommended going with an Android digital signage player that features a Quad Core Processor, 2GB/16GB memory. Anything less in specs may generate poor media playback.
    If you are going to be buying online, make sure to read customer reviews. The main complaint we hear from customers that purchase low-cost devices is internet WiFi connectivity issues. To avoid this, we do suggest hardwiring the digital signage player to the internet.

    Here is an easy and fast setup.

  • What are Chrome OS digital signage players?

    Chrome OS digital signage players are Chromebox, Chromebase, Chromebook and Chromebit. From a performance standpoint, Chromebox comes with much stronger specs than Chromebit. 4K resolutions, fast processors, external SD memory options, connect dual monitors, dual-band WiFi and more.

  • Do I need one media player per display?

    If you want to connect one digital signage player to multiple screens, you can, using an HDMI splitter (also called “switch”). Now keep in mind, all of the screens will be displaying the same content. To display unique content per screen, you would need one digital signage player per screen.

  • Other than the digital signage player what will I need?

    You will need display and digital signage software.

  • How do I connect a digital signage player to the TV?

    Connect the player to your TV via an HDMI cable. Once connected turn the TV on and get the digital signage player connected to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet cable. If you’re using an Android player, you can then download NoviSign digital signage app from the Google Play store. If you’re using a ChromeOS device, you can download NoviSign from the Chrome Web Store.

  • Will the digital signage player still work if the internet disconnects?

    With NoviSign, all of the content saves onto the digital signage player. If the internet disconnects the content will keep playing (except YouTube and Ustream which needs to be online) everything from its cache. Once reconnected the digital signage player will download the newest updates. You will never experience a blue or black screen.

  • What type of content can be displayed on the digital signage player?

    This depends on what kind of digital signage software you using to create the content with. At NoviSign, you can display anything combination of videos, images, scrolling text. YouTube, RSS feeds, weather forecasts, slideshows, websites, announcements, polls and more!

  • Will I need a digital signage player for one time applications?

    For situations that require several days of usage, you can use a simple USB thumb drive to display your images or slideshows. You could also connect a laptop to a TV and cycle through you PowerPoint slides.