Android Tablets + NoviSign = Beautiful Digital Signage in your Business

NoviSign is a plug and play software that enables you to create style=”position: absolute;bottom: 5px;left: 5px;”stunning in-store campaigns using a simple drag-and-drop in a studio to run on any Android tablet of your choice

Android tablet digital signage

Why Should I Use NoviSign?

NoviSign turns any Android tablet into an advanced, beautiful digital signage screen:

  • Use your Android tablet for in-business promotions or as an information pad
  • Position your screen strategically near products, waiting areas, near bars and counters, in taxis and buses, etc.
  • Increase your spontaneous sales by placing a tablet at your point of sale to increase purchases
  • Let people know what’s going on in a lecture hall or meeting room

Choose any Android tablet of any size, any brand and any version, position it any way you like, connect to the internet and instantly start broadcasting from any location.

Where Can I Use NoviSign Android Tablet Signage?

  • ● Near any point of sale
  • ● On shelves
  • ● In taxis, limos or buses
  • ● Near gas pumps
  • ● In restrooms
  • ● In waiting rooms of clinics
  • ● As a door sign for a lecture hall or meeting room
  • ● The possibilities are endless! Let us know where you put yours!
Android signage

The Benefits of an Android Tablet

  • Works as an Autonomous Unit – just buy the tablet, connect to a power source and WiFi/internet and you’re set to broadcast!
  • Connected to Cloud – works with WiFi or mobile internet (3G, LTE), enables automatic updates and syncs from the network
    updates and sync from the network
  • Works Offline – even if your connection is down, NoviSign continues to work and once the connection is restored, it automatically syncs and updates from the network
  • Multiple Devices – central Control – manage many devices in many locations from wherever you are
  • Many types of Android tablets – many tablet manufacturers work with Android, providing you with a wide range of sizes (7”, 10”, 15”, 21” and more), types, prices and mounting options. Find the tablet that works best for your business. Buy a ready-to-use tablet or contact a local dealer for customized options

Minimal Tablet Requirements:

● Android OS 4.2 and above

● Dual Core CPU

● 1GB of memory

● Access to Google Play Store

How Does It Work?



Connect your tablet to a power source and to a WiFi network

Step 1: AdPad

App installation


Download NoviSign’s app from the Google Play Store

Step 2: App installation


Go to the Site

From any browser go to

Step 3: InfoPad

Digital signage campaign

Build Campaign

Create an account and with our easy-to-use studio, build your campaign

Step 4: Digital signage campaign

Digital signage broadcasting

Start Broadcasting!

Step 5: Digital signage broadcasting

Learn more about our Digital Signage software for Android devices solution:


You can start using it right now and switch to production at any time


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