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LG Business Solutions

LG’s webOS Signage 4.0 Smart Platform has not only been optimized to develop and run a variety of customized apps, but user convenience has been enhanced with intuitive UI and value-added functions.

Powerful embedded SoC

IPS panel

Platform security

Intuitive UI and convenience tailored for business

Content sharing

Conformal Coating protects against harsh commercial environments

LG SM5KE Series

The SM5KE series provides dynamic content with clear picture quality, enhancing advertising effectiveness and helping to generate demand for your brand and products.

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LG SM5KE Series
LG UH5E Series

LG UH5E Series

With superb picture quality and cutting-edge intelligence, the UH5E series enlivens colors without aid of peripherals. Its quality and brightness capture the attention of passersby.

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LG UM3E Series

UM3E digital signage series delivers content in a fine detail with vivid colors enough to captivate numerous viewers.

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Touch Screens

 LG Touch Screens

Capable of recognizing up to 40 point-touches at once, the screen provides users with a more realistic sense of touch.

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LG Stretch Screens  

58:9 Extended Wide Format.

Dynamic content is delivered on one screen since the new widescreen format is a 58:9 bar- type display.

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More about LG and NoviSign digital displays solution:

Stretch Screens

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NoviSign supports Windows, Android and Chrome OS. You can start using it RIGHT NOW and switch to production at any time.


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