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Easily Install NoviSign onto LG webOS Displays!

Run NoviSign on LG webOS displays for smooth and easy play of digital signage without having to connect external media players. Stream live TV, scrolling tickers, videos, news feeds and more! Design and distribute your digital signage content, set-up schedules and remotely manage your LG webOS displays!.

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Powerful Media Playback

Beautifully display HTML5, videos, slideshows, social media streams, RSS feeds, websites, weather reports, menu boards, corporate communications, advertisements and more!

Picture in Picture

Incorporate live cable feeds, TV stations, camera streams, live broadcasts and other HDMI sources. Play the feed full screen or set a zone to stream while displaying other media such as scrolling tickers.

Embedded SoC

You can change what is being shown from afar using NoviSign’s digital signage software that runs in the cloud.

LG webOS Digital Signs

LG webOS digital displays comes with a powerful, fully integrated SoC, that features a robust quad-core system-on-chip player. Other popular specifications include the internal 8GB memory, built-in Wi-Fi, PIP, Crestron Connected® (Network-based command) and data setting control, Wake on LAN and Smart Energy Savings mode.

Fully Integrated for Plug & Play

LG web OS digital displays makes installation and operations easy and practical. The built-in SoC delivers a high-powered, reliable media playback without the need of external players.

  • Minimize the need for additional cables
  • Reduce configuration times
  • Decrease installation expenses
  • Lower initial hardware costs
LG webOS Digital Signs


LG webOS Digital Displays

LG webOS Digital Displays

Easy to Set-up

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Download NoviSign LG webOS app

On The LG webOS Digital Sign Download NoviSign’s App

Play Your Content

Open NoviSign’s app, Login to your Account and link your screen

Robust & Reliable SoC Solutions

LG webOS digital signs deliver supreme media playback opening the door to improving the way you visually communicate. LG webOS signage displays offers exceptional graphic rendering, playing content consistently at 4K UHP IPS qualities.

Advanced Graphics for Superior Picture Quality

4 times higher in resolution than FHD, LG Web OS digital signage displays, offer vivid and more lifelike image colors and details. In addition, LG webOS IPS displays offer ultra-wide angles with out visible contortion.

Built-In LG webOS Smart Signage SoC

Because the LG webOS Digital Signage displays come with a fully integrated SoC, you will not have to worry about purchasing or using an external media player. Simply install NoviSign LG webOS digital signage app and your up and running!

Remotely Control & Manage

Using NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage software, you can create, edit and manage all of the content of the display.

Display any combination of:

  • Menu boards and animations
  • Announcements
  • Advertisements
  • Slideshows and HD images
  • Looping videos and YouTube
  • News and social media feeds
  • Scrolling ticker streams
  • Weather forecasts and websites
  • Employee communications
  • Training procedures
  • International news and policies
  • Health bulletins

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