Forget about having to install a PC or a Media Player for each display screen.

  • Dump the cumbersome infrastructure.
  • Completely do away with expensive video extension equipment for each display.

One computer, a few simple components, and the Wired or Wireless Local Area Network is all you need for Monitors AnyWhere

How does it work?

Monitors AnyWhere runs over a  VGA over LAN  (VoL) technology. VoL zero clients replace graphic card and connect a central computer to each monitor, through a local network.

The remote monitors – distributed throughout your establishment – are controlled and fed by the Monitors AnyWhere central control system.

Using Monitors AnyWhere – from a single workstation – you:

  • Control and Monitor as many as 20 digital signage channels
  • Configure the content to broadcast to each individual monitor
  • Work on a user-friendly application to plan and define all digital signage in your establishment

Monitors AnyWhere and NoviSign

Monitors AnyWhere is fully compatible with NoviSign’s content management solution (CMS) and presents a cost effective and easier way to broadcast signage on large number of screens around your organization.

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