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Novisign Runs Right Out of The Box on Vestel Digital Signage!

NoviSign’s app can now run on Vestel Android Displays without needing a separate media player. With NoviSign, you can now make digital signage content and update all Vestal Digital Displays from anywhere. This can be used for anything, from digital menu boards to displays for corporate communications.

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Vestel Android

Integrated Android

The media playback and performance of the Vestel Android system-on-chip digital signage series are better. It is strong, can bend, and keeps you safe.

Incredible Resolutions

Beautiful HD 4K resolutions that are very bright and clear will make an impression and get people’s attention.

Remotely Update

You can change what is being shown from afar using NoviSign’s digital signage software that runs in the cloud.

What are Vestel Android SoC Displays?

SoC digital signs are one of the fastest-growing commercial displays used for digital signage. “System on Chip” (SoC) displays are all-in-one screens with a built-in Android media player. SoC displays eliminate the need for separate media players, which makes installations more straightforward, faster, and more efficient.

A Pioneer in Android Digital Signage

NoviSign is the leader in Android digital signage, with more than 50,000 systems running on Android and 10 years of experience. Because Vestel’s SoC line-up is based on Android, NoviSign is the best choice for reliable cloud-based digital signage.

Vestel SoC TV
Vestel digital signage display

Vestel Digital Signage Displays

In Visual Solutions, Vestel has the best customer service and products that are made especially for digital signage. Vestel’s Digital Signage displays look great on Digital Signage Displays, Video Wall Displays, LED Wall Displays, and Outdoor Totem Displays.

Easy to Get Started

Digital signage is easy and quick to set up with NoviSign and Vestel Digital Signage Displays. All you have to do is buy a screen and put it up. With the built-in SoC and NoviSign, you can send content to your screen immediately.

  • No need for external media players
  • Highly efficient installation
  • Remotely manage from any where

Check out the installation manual for any Vestel TV

Easy to Set-up

Sign up for NoviSign for Free

You can try NoviSign for free for 30 days if you sign up. Create your content.

Install the Android App for NoviSign

You can get apps from NoviSign and put them on the screen of the Vestel Android.

Select & Play

Open the NoviSign app, log in, and link your screen.

A Remarkably Easy Android Digital Signage Solution

Because Vestel’s android displays are simple to set up, you can now get your digital signage up and running with in minutes! The graphics on Vestel Android SoC displays are very good, and the displays can be used to beautifully display your content.

Smooth Media Playback

Because the Android SoC is built into the Vestels Android, digital signs, videos, tickers, and other media can be played without lag during transitions or load times.

The Best Variety of Android Displays

Vestel’s line of Android digital signs gives you the best balance of power and stability. The business world uses a lot of Vestel Android displays because they work the best and are the most flexible.

Remotely Set-Up & Manage Your Screens

With the cloud-based digital signage software from NoviSign, you can create, edit and manage all of the content shown on any Vestel Android display.

Popular applications include:

  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Corporate communications
  • Informational displays
  • School signage
  • Healthcare and waiting room displays
  • Retail advertising and promotions
Vestel SoC

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