A lot has been said (and written) about the revolution of digital signage, especially about the effect of Android-based, digital-device players  And now, we are witnessing a new ‘fresh’ kid on the block (or blog…) – the Android TV stick. The Android TV stick, a USB dongle that plugs into any modern flat screen sold in every electronics store, is a game changer in the digital signage industry.

The Android TV stick is replacing the need for the Android TV box. It is simpler, lighter, requires no electrical power, supports Wi-Fi, and, no less important, is very cool! The Android TV stick is gradually replacing the other Android boxes as the digital signage player. Even the price is attractive, and in less than 100 dollars you can find an Android TV stick that guarantees reasonable performance.

Sure, it is not yet a perfect world. Some Android TV sticks have performance problems which prevent presenting ‘heavy’ digital signage content (such as RSS feeds, HD video, or both). But the trend is very clear, and the devices are improving and providing better and stronger computing powers.

What will happen next? I think the answer is very simple. These Android TV sticks will become part of the TV screen itself and make life even simpler. We will be able to implement digital signage directly on a smart TV (it’ll be an Android smart TV). This would be another step in simplifying digital signage implementation.

In the mean time, the Android TV stick – just grab it, and you are ready to go!