Many ‘players’ in the Digital Signage business often ask themselves, why doesn’t this industry grow even faster? The technology has improved dramatically in the past few years, offering modern SaaS solutions that can be easily implemented and that cost significantly less than old generation Digital Signage software. Broadband and Internet communication is available everywhere at low cost, and, moreover, small and medium businesses are looking for creative ways to ‘talk’ to their clients, in addition to old-fashioned signs that seem to belong to another era.

The main reason for slower growth than expected is most likely the hardware: the screens and Digital Signage players.

Screens: The price of screens has dropped dramatically in the past two-three years. Screens are gradually becoming a less and less significant ingredient in Digital Signage project cost.

Players: The players were costly, hard to implement (requiring professional help) and not available everywhere (you needed to buy from special Digital Signage player providers). Until recently, these three reasons often kept small and medium businesses from starting projects. But the Digital Signage Android TV box eliminates these three drawbacks completely.

The Digital Signage Android TV box ( is an inexpensive, small yet smart device that allows the user to run players and broadcast on large screens. This TV box can be found in any hardware store or ordered from one of hundreds of manufacturers ( It costs less than $100 USD and provides the connectivity (Wi-Fi) and computing power that Digital Signage small and medium businesses need.

Of course, this technology is quite new.  Two years ago, it wasn’t in the market at all, and now the number of providers grows daily. Although stable and serving many Digital Signage implementations, the technology has not yet reached its full realization, and manufacturers are improving it all the time.

Digital Signage Android TV box is here to make your Digital Signage project fast and easy.