The fact that Digital Signage is a fast-growing industry is a well known fact. We can see the screens popping up everywhere, replacing the old tin and paper signs by using dynamic Digital Signage software as a service (SaaS), presenting and broadcasting messages across the universe in few clicks of a mouse. This is just another natural evolution from the old ‘partially static’ world to the fully digitized environment we live in, in the past decade and more. Some trends (affordable prices of broadband, quick drop in screen prices, Modern SaaS Solutions) helped bring us to where we are today.

A recent and fast-growing trend will serve as another accelerator toward another leap in the Digital Signage business. It is very simple, and there’s a 50% chance you have it in your pants pocket (please remove that thought from your mind) – it is Android-based devices!

These devices, apart from a strong presence in the cellular market, are going to be everywhere. These devices are going to replace the PC in many areas; and one of these areas is obviously digital signage. Android-based digital signage players are visible in the market in the past few months, and the interest and market response is very positive. All digital signage software providers understand it will reduce the TCO for their customers and partners; it will simplify implementation (you can buy an Android device in any electronics store; no need for special hardware shipments; warranty, etc. ) and will bring the entry of a new type of customer into the Digital Signage business, mainly small and medium enterprises (SMBs).

Another aspect of the strong relationship between digital signage and Android devices is the fast-growing tablet and mini-tablet industry. Not only can these devices serve us as players for bigger screens, these are players in their own right! I call it ‘Mini Digital Signage’

Have you every noticed how many times a week, sometimes on the same day, the local supermarket updates prices on shelves? Can you imagine the headquarters of large supermarket chains updating prices on the shelves of the entire chain in one planned action? it can differ between geographical regions, it can leave room for ‘judgment’ by local managers, but it can be managed from one central location.

Mini Digital Signage for retail is the next trend, mark my words.