Many of my partners and customers are asking me about the Chrome Sign Builder by Google.
So, I did a quick evaluation and as for now it seems like the URL widget (also known as “web page widget”) of NoviSign combined with a scheduler.

It is better to call it, I believe, “Google Sign scheduler utility” rater than “Sign builder” or “sign platform”.

Google Chrome Sign Builder

We can say that Chrome Sign Builder by Google is a nice digital signage like utility acting as a teaser to push forward the signage market. With the Sign Builder, it will let you schedule web content to be displayed on Chrome OS devices (such as Chromebook, Chromebox, Chromebit and Chromebase).
Some points to consider: Sign Builder is good if you have only one sign which is nearby. It is not good for remote site, as you have no monitoring tool and it is not that easy to change content. Not to mention that it is not designed to run 24/7 in dedicated mode (kiosk), as it runs within the Chrome browser and cannot be run in kiosk mode in ChromeOS devices. In comparison to the Sign Builder, our software gives you monitoring & reports, working offline through cache, widgets, templates and much more. NoviSign is user-friendly and can work both on provisioned and non-managed ChromeOS devices.

See the following link to learn more about the Sign Builder by Google in the Chrome Store market:

See the NoviSign link for the NoviSign online Studio (digital signage CMS):

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