Bus Digital Signage


At NoviSign we believe in supporting our customers and making sure they receive the best service. Outlined below is feedback that we received from one of our partners.

Company Name: M plus company limited

Contact Name:  Mr.Danso Godwin

Project Name: Mplus Digital Signage Network

Application: Bus Digital Signage


1. Why were you looking to use digital signage? Talk about specific pain points, what you were wanting to accomplish using digital signage and what led to the decision to find NoviSign.  

“Our need for digital signage is sole to help us advertise products and services of our clients to the general public mainly in commercial vehicles. We opted for NoviSign because it’s pretty easy to use and has features we need such as the ticker and RSS.”

2. Detail your search for digital signage solution. Explain the criteria for a digital signage software solution & other solutions you considered but rejected.  

“My first idea was to broadcast contents on digital screens from a remote area. I searched the internet and got hold of several contents mgt studios. Most of them were cumbersome. I needed a user-friendly application for my project. I needed widgets that could help me come out with great screen layouts.

 I finally chose NoviSign because it offered me exactly what I needed. Not only that, NoviSign team was ready to assist me in my quest of building my dreams screen contents.

Negotiating on pricing wasn’t an issue. NoviSign gave me a good deal. That explains why I chose NoviSign among the lot.”

3.) Describe NoviSign, including what it is, how it works, & why you chose NoviSign. 

“NoviSign is a web platform that enables users to create content to be displayed remotely as a means of information dissemination. NoviSign works by allowing you upload your media content and using features through widgets to modify and add extra information to upload media files. We chose NoviSign because it’s very easy-to-use.”

4.) Outline the specific results & benefits you achieved by implementing NoviSign.  

  • “Advertising of products and services
  • Relaying information to passengers on buses.
  • NoviSign has made it easy for adverts and information to reach a large number of ”

 5.) How many current NoviSign Systems do you have and how are they being used?

“I have 50 licenses/screen deployed that are powered by NoviSign.”

6.) Where will the new NoviSign systems be installed and how will they be used?

“Our NoviSign systems will be installed in our major transport provider’s buses connected to the screens. It will pass on passenger information remotely as well as advertise products and brands.



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