Digital signage for internal communications

A NoviSign installation image of digital signage for internal communications being used in a corporate building entrance

Millennials are taking over today’s workforce. Compared to Baby Boomers, Millenials have higher requests and crave for a more combined work setting. They are driven by technological advancements especially when it comes to communicating and collaborating with colleagues.

Digital signage for internal communications can play an essential role in establishing a shared workforce. Digital screens such as video walls and touchscreen kiosks in lobbies, meeting room digital signs and break room digital signage are all areas in which you can utilize digital signage software to create and manage your messaging. Using these screens, your HR and management teams can display a corporate aligned message that reflects your organization’s goals to boost performance, mission statements to strengthen team collaboration and a lot more.

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From improved collaboration to optimizing space management, here are 3 ways to use digital signage for internal communications to boost your organization’s internal communication.

1- Reinforce Company Values

One of the most efficient ways to reinforce your company’s purpose, principals, values and vision is through digital signage for internal communications. By displaying these principles on your digital signs, your messages will be consistently seen and the viewing audience will begin to instill these values. Using digital signage for internal communications, you can even preschedule specific content and messages to automatically play on specific dates and time. This will help send targeted messages at exactly the right time.

For instance, a digital screen in your breakroom can be set to display content that shows how your company values innovation automatically. To drive the message home, you can share employee success stories that spotlight recent accomplishments that lead to innovation.

2- Team Collaboration

By strategically installing digital screens in work areas you will be able to broadcast targeted project updates, messages and notices. This way, teams will be able to always view up to date information enabling them to stay organized while improving their work efficiency. With clear team collaboration, issues and bottlenecks will be resolved and addressed quickly.

3- Employee Gratitude

Top companies understand the importance of acknowledging employees. Employees feel valued and become more satisfied when they are recognized by their companies. Employee recognition programs lead to better productivity and revenue. Digital signage for employee recognition serves as an encouragement and motivating factor for other employees in the company.

Smart companies utilize digital signage for internal communications to showcase the success, hard work and exemplary performances of their top employees and departments. When using digital signage for internal communications, you can display the name and photos of tops employees and their outstanding contribution to the company. An employee of the week or month is another easy way to drive appreciation.

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