NoviSign Plant a Tree

NoviSign Digital Signage today announced the launch of a new eco-software tree planting program to aid in the improvement of the world climate, air and water quality. NoviSign will plant one tree for every new software license sold internationally in collaboration with the National Forest Foundation and the United States Forest Service. The US Forest Service will plant all trees in US National Parks where the greatest need exists.

Planting for the Future

By simply planting now, we can make investments in healthy forests for future generations. From Florida’s longleaf pine forests to Alaska’s cedar groves, NoviSigns’ Plant-A-Tree initiative aims to rehabilitate thousands of acres of forest.

Our forests are the most efficient natural mechanism for carbon sequestration (CO2). This means that healthy forests are an incredibly effective tool for mitigating and adapting to the consequences of climate change.

With people’s assistance, the watersheds that sustain cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta and Seattle, among thousands of others, will be safeguarded. Additionally, because people assist in planting these trees, they will contribute to the fight against climate change and provide habitat for wildlife.

NoviSign’s Background

NoviSign Digital Signage, the market leader in cloud-based digital signage, enables organizations and enterprises of any size to edit, update and control information playing on any display, tablet, or kiosk remotely. Disney, Ikea, Dole, NASA, Nokia, Ferrari, and Papa John’s Pizza are among NoviSign’s clientele.

With NoviSign’s full web-based digital signage software online Studio, you can create visually appealing digital signage. Additionally, you can quickly create and manage attractive content with over 25 drag-and-drop widgets.

Include live social media feeds and media-rich zones that include videos, RSS feeds, high-resolution pictures, scrolling text, and weather information, among other things!