After watching one of the greatest TV series in the past decade – “Mad Man”, we are all experts in marketing and advertising… At least we all know how it all began. Advertising is all about catching the right audience at the right time, and ‘sticking’ the right message – the rest will follow. Billions of words have been written about this in the decades which passed since the sixties. It didn’t make it easier.

We at NoviSign leave the marketing art to the marketing artists. We have no aspirations to replace them, but we do provide a unique, easy to use platform that can be easily targeted to a specific vertical, providing the ‘right audience’ and the ‘right time’. As we said, we leave the right message to the marketing experts.

Let us take a simple example – pubs, bars and restaurants – this specific vertical, can be identified, analyzed and from that point targeted as a specific market. The NoviSign platform allows entrepreneurs to do exactly that: create a ‘vertical specific’ ad network and provide publishers with a direct exposure to a known audience. This is a gold mine for publishers, as the network grows bigger, the value of each ad-point and moreover, the entire network grows.
Minix Neo x7 mini for Digital Signage
A Digital Signage platform, easily managed remotely by such ‘ad-network’ manager is something that Don Draper could not even imagine… NoviSign made this not only feasible, simple but also cost effective. By harnessing the Android revolution and cloud technology into the Digital Signage, the cost of deploying such ‘ad network‘ becomes a reasonable investment with great ROI (Return on Investment).

Don’t wait too long. Start your own digital signage based ‘ad-network’ NoviSign’s platform and the experts are here to support you.