Nothing is simple when you decide to establish a new business. You have to check the market, the demand, the competition, together with your skills in management and technical know-how to fit the needs of the new adventure and, moreover, the funding to get started. Then, you have to pull through the hard times until the business stabilizes and the customer base covers the daily operation costs. From that point on, the business is ready to break through!

The obvious, optimal way is to look for a line of business that shows significant demand and requires unique skills but is available in the market. Digital signage is one of the best options for starting your own business these days.

Digital Signage has shown significant growth in the past few years, with promising prospects for the near and far future. Small and medium businesses are looking for a Digital Signage solution that will fit their needs, and only recently fit their budget. These SMBs are enjoying the fact that technology matured over the past few years, reducing the price of digital signage solutions at all levels, from broadband costs through players (mainly thanks to Android-based devices that are now used as Digital Signage players) up to Digital Signage software, which is now offered as full SaaS.

Starting a new business (or adding a new offering to an existing one) in Digital Signage was never more appealing or simpler. Using cloud-based Digital Signage software, provided with a “white label” (so that it can be used directly from the business Web site), combined with Android-based players opened the door for fast responding entrepreneurs to start their own business with limited initial investment – and very good growth prospects.

Most SMBs lack the basic IT background required to implement their own digital signage solutions (although some have already done so, mainly in the education area where IT skills are easy to find). These businesses are waiting for local SI (system integrators) to provide the installation, implementation and ongoing maintenance (including campaign management) service.

Digital Signage is calling you. What are you waiting for, a special sign?