If you ask managers or owners of SMBs (small and medium businesses) their “marketing dream,” they would most probably say, “An unlimited budget for publishing my business on the most focused media possible.”

At first glance, this indeed looks like a non-realistic fantasy. TV commercials are nationwide and very expensive. Internet is less expensive, but not really focused. Will this remain simply a dream? I’m not sure…

The term Narrow TV, which has been with us for more than a decade, serves this purpose exactly: an unlimited messaging system for the right audience at the right time! The downside for our dreamers is that this wasn’t meant for SMBs; it was mainly for the RBB (Really Big Businesses), from very large food chains to nationwide chains of gas stations.

A mini-revolution in the past few years in the Digital Signage industry, especially with the latest Android-based Digital Signage players, is bringing the Narrow TV dream closer, much closer, to SMBs. Digital Signage has become an SaaS-based full-scale Content Management System (CMS) that allows creation, management and broadcasting of high-end content to selected screens. Companies like NoviSign are constantly ‘stretching’ the limits and boundaries of what was traditionally referred to as Digital Signage.

New and enhanced Digital Signage capabilities are opening a world of possibilities to SMBs, possibilities that budget and technology-wise looked impossible just a few years back. In the SaaS model of Android-based Digital Signage, Narrow TV can be set up as a simple IT project, requiring no more than basic skills. SMBs can now spread their messages in a Narrow TV that targets the right audience at the right time—when visiting their venues!

Narrow TV is going wide! Once again, technology catches up with business needs.