• Screen location – The bar owner/manager must define the most crowded area in the bar, including smoking areas, lines (entrance, bar, washroom)
  • Screens must be hanged at 1.80 meters level and above to avoid being blocked by customers/visitors. Note that most of the bars are quite dark – the screens can be visible if positioned higher than 1.80. Remember to tilt the screen to optimize the view angle
  • It is highly recommended to prepare a basic relevant play list prior to the training on site for the bar managers and stuff. It is better to adjust the play list while running the training, but not to start from scratch. Anyway, do not leave the premises without leaving a fully operational Digital Signage campaign – this will be the best ‘sales promoter’
  • Remember to make sure there is a constant power supply, even when the place is closed, or alternatively make sure the screens are configured to restart the player (hardware and software)
  • For more ‘personal’ communication with visitors, there is always an option to locate an Android based tablet in specific areas (on the bar, in the washroom, reception, etc.). These screens can present different and more ‘location accurate’ messages (different content in the toilet, rather in than on the bar)
  • The screens layout should be different in large space locations rather than ‘maze like’ places. From large spaces install bigger screens in higher positions, for smaller, mazed locations, smaller screens in larger quantities, to preserve the continuity
  • Internet connection must be preserved at all times, if Wi-Fi is used, make sure the signal is strong and stable. This will prevent unnecessary support calls
  • Makes sure the screens are not located close to electricity cabinets, or other electro-magnetic radiating devices – this might impact the screen and data transfer


Bar Screens Digital Signage