We’ve made digital menu boards easy!

Digital Menu Boards are a way to help you upsell food items and cleanly display your entire menu in a modern visually appealing manner. When used, a digital menu board will eliminate the cost of printing, enhance your branding and enable you to better sell your highest margin food items, drinks and specials.

Using NoviSign’s Digital Menu Board software you will be able to:

  • Easily create your digital menu boards
  • Add food item descriptions, prices and images
  • Remotely change items at any time
  • Preschedule breakfast, lunch, dinner and specials to autoplay

To purchase a digital menu boards system you will need:

  1. Digital Menu Board Software
  2. Media Player (this is a small form computer that will play your digital menu board)
  3. TVs

How do I purchase and install digital menu boards:

1. Sign up for NoviSign’s Digital Menu Board Software

  • NoviSign’s Digital Menu Board software is $20.00 per month / per display
  • There are no set-up fees or hidden costs and no contracts
  • You will need to sign-up in order to begin creating your digital menu boards
  • Using NoviSign’s digital menu board software, you can create digital menu boards using the included customizable templates or you can design from scratch
  • With the digital menu boards software, you can easily and quickly add images, food items and prices
  • The digital menu board software is web-based, this means you can manage your digital menu boards from our online website
  • The changes that you make to your digital menu boards will wirelessly update on the TVs within minutes

2. Purchase a media player

  • You can use a Chromestick, Chromebox, Android Media Player or any Windows media player
  • We recommend: http://shop.minix.us/x10m-216novi1
  • That unit costs $119.00 per system and is commercial grade, it is specially made for commercial environments

3. Purchase a TV

  • You can use any TV or commercial grade

How To Set-Up Your Digital Menu Boards

  • Mount your TV’s
  • Install the NoviSign app on the media player
  • Connect the media player to the TV via HDMI
  • Turn on the media player and TV then connect the media player to Wi-Fi
  • Open the NoviSign app and sign in to your account
  • Once signed select the name of your digital menu board playlist
  • The digital menu boards will begin playing!

Professional Digital Menu Boards Design

Please let us know if you need professional digital menu board design and setup. At NoviSign we provide cost-effective custom digital menu boards graphic design and set-up. This special service for digital menu boards is perfect for restaurant owners that want a professional digital menu board solution.

For a small cost, we can design and create for you a series of high-impact digital menu boards templates that will include your logo, color, food items and images. Once you approve your digital menu boards design we will build in our digital menu board software for you then show you how to make future changes.

This white-glove professional assistance is ideal for restaurants that are looking for a premium digital menu board solution. Our designers will work with you to make the perfect digital menu board. All that you have to do is simply provide us with your logo, images and menu. From their, we will closely work with you to create the perfect digital menu board!

Every digital menu board design we make will be carefully crafted around your needs. This means the digital menu boards will contain all items you want to be displayed, be engaging, and look amazing!

About NoviSign Digital Menu Boards

At NoviSign we’ve made Digital Menu Boards easy! We are the digital menu board experts.

We’ve worked with thousands of restaurants around the world to successfully deploy digital menu boards! Our solution for digital menu boards is cost effective, professional and scalable.

From any computer, at any time you can easily edit and manage your entire digital menu board system. All changes you make will update on the TVs to your digital menu boards.

You will also be able to preschedule your digital menu boards to automatically play specials, your breakfast, lunch and dinner menus on specific times and dates!

Additional Information on Digital Menu Boards: