TV announcements digital sign
Are you looking for an easier way to send your announcements, news and other media to a screen? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Using any TV, a computer and NoviSign, you can set up and send your information to any screen:

  • Include full-screen slideshows that feature any combination of images, PDFs and videos
  • Add scrolling lists of event listings and upcoming meeting times
  • Eliminate printed paper and save money on printing plus time!
  • Preschedule your messages and digital announcements to autoplay on desired dates and times

How can I use software for sending announcements to TVs?

Broadcasting your notifications and data via television is an eye-catching and highly effective approach to sharing your most important announcements. You can set up announcements TVs in high-traffic areas of your school or lobby to capitalize on the traffic and get your messages noticed.

What kind of content can I send to the announcements digital sign?


Slideshows can take up the whole screen, or you can define a rotating zone to display them on digital bulletin boards. The digital bulletin board slideshow can include several file types, such as JPEGs, PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, Videos and PowerPoint presentations. In addition to media, Google Slides also allows you to include live web URL feeds and metrics dashboards.

Information and Tickers That Scroll

Including a ticker with news headlines, personalized text and other notifications is also crucial. The ticker gives the content a subtle sense of motion, which helps to draw the viewer in.

Reports on the Weather and Traffic

Aside from displaying your slides and videos, you can include current weather conditions and forecasts for the area. One option is a full-screen, scrolling 5-day forecast or a little section that features the current weather temperature and conditions. In addition to the weather, you can also include a local traffic map that shows the current traffic situations in your area in real-time.

Timetables and Agendas

Promptly show daily agendas, meeting times and complete calendars. Integrating your O365 Calendar, Google Calendar or Exchange Calendar is a great way to save time and effort when displaying your schedule. In addition, combining in this way simplifies the presentation of your events. Your calendar will sync with the online bulletin board and reflect any changes or additions you make in real-time.

Online Video Hosts Like YouTube

Include high-definition videos, such as promotional clips, instructional videos or links to the company’s YouTube channel. Any video or playlist on YouTube is also available for streaming.

Employee and Staff Communications

Regarding business-to-business interactions, announcement displays are ideal for streamlining internal communications. The announcements display can share information such as company news, product updates, HR notifications, sales targets and staff recognition.

If I want to create a digital announcement sign, what do I need?

Any modern television set can serve as a display for digital announcements display. It makes no difference whether the TV is an ordinary or smart one. If you wish to use a smart TV, ensure it is Android because you can put the digital signage app onto the TV.

Hooking up a digital signage media player to a traditional television set is necessary. A digital signage player is a gadget that sends video content to a television set over an HDMI cable. On the signage player itself, it’s self you would install the digital signage app. The media is transferred to the player or TV via this app.

Using cloud-based digital signage software, you will build the material for your announcements sign and send it to the signage player/TV.

What is NoviSign?

NoviSign Digital Signage offers easy announcements digital signage software for getting your material to play on any display or kiosk. Create the ideal announcements layout for your company with the help of editable templates and drag-and-drop widgets.

You may get started with us for less than $20 per month, and we even provide savings for larger orders. All EDU, GOV and NON-PROFIT institutions are eligible for our discounts.