Corporate digital directory

Designing a digital directory can be easy and fun. This article covers 6 essential tips that will help you with designing the perfect digital directory!

Before you start making your digital directory sit down and outline the top 5 five things that you want to be displayed on the digital directory. This could be a digital directory of tenant listings, scrolling news, weather, images, etc. Once you have your items listed, you can begin designing your digital directory.

To help you make the best digital directory we have outlined the top 6 best practice design tips for making a digital directory. These strategies will help you make a digital directory system that is easy-to-view, engaging and effective.

1. Selecting the right screen size

The digital directory size screen all depends on the total number of tenants you have and wish to display on the screen. Use this chart to help determine what size display you will need for your digital directory:

  • 32″: fits up-to 5 floors & up-to 25 tenants
  • 43″: fits up-to 7 floors & up-to 40 tenants
  • 48″: fits up-to 10 floors & up-to 60 tenants
  • 55″: fits up-to 15 floors & up-to 80 tenants
  • 65″: fits up-to 18 floors & up-to 100 tenants

2. Easy on the eyes

The digital directory must be easy to see from a few feet away. Make sure you select the proper size font and style. Simple fonts that are clean and simple to read are a good choice for highly visible digital directory systems. Font size 20-30 or larger are suggested.

3. A Good Layout

When designing your digital directory keep it simple. Make sure you have adequate spacing between things and the screen’s content does not look crowded. Make sure you use bold font, HD images, and select a theme of colors that complement each other.

4. High-Quality Images & Videos

If uploading images make sure, they are HD and preferably PNG format. This will ensure your imagery stands out on the digital directory.

5. Branding Requirements

The overall layout and style of the digital directory should match your branding requirements; font styles, colors, and logos should all be incorporated into the design. If you don’t have brand colors select an all-purpose color theme for a digital directory layout. 

6. Digital Directory Listings

When adding your tenants to the digital directory, you must make sure that there is an organized format to the digital directory listing layout. Examples of this include display tenants by floor, alphabetically or business categories.

Getting Started With a Digital Directory

Digital Directories can be easily setup.

To setup a digital directory, you will need only two things:


To start, you will need to get your display connected to the web. If you have an Android TV merely connect it to WiFi, then open the Google Play Store, search ‘NoviSign’ and download our digital signage app.

Once downloaded you can open up a free 30-day trial account of NoviSign here:  /registration/

After creating the account, log-on and select the Compose button. From there you can create a template.

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