Digital signage for jewelry stores

Add digital signage for jewelry stores to improve the way you advertise while enhancing your customer’s in-store experiences. With jewellery store digital signage you can feature information about your rewards programs, weekly sales, customization services and more. Popular applications of retail digital signage for jewelry stores include:

  • Spotlight your featured signature jewelry collections
  • Display HD and 4K video commercials
  • Share customer testimonials and reviews
  • Promote customer loyalty programs
  • Advertise current and upcoming specials
  • Upsell service and warranty packages

Create Memorable Shopping Experiences

By installing digital signs or digital kiosks in the vicinity of your store entrances, you can immediately greet and inform your customer with general customer service information and or educational videos walking customers through products and what to look for in say engagement rings.

Digital signage for jewelry stores gives you a competitive advantage allowing you to stand out from the competition while dramatically improving the way you share customer-centric information.

  • Add informative videos on how the jewellery is made
  • List best practices for jewelry care
  • Walk customers through the personalization process of jewelry
  • Showcase new trends, diamond cuts and most popular style

Social Media Feeds

With digital signage for jewelry stores, you can add your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. From a scrolling, Twitter feed to full-screen Instagram posts you can add social media feeds that are real-time.

You can even assign the feed to pull and display a specific #. Now imagine, a recent engagement occurs, and a photo of the ring is posted to Instagram and the post contains your #. Not only will the post be spread on social media put it will display on your jewelry stores digital sign. Every social post that you make will seamlessly update on the sign. This is a fun and innovative way to keep your jewelry store digital signage always fresh and relevant.

About NoviSign Digital Signage

NoviSign offers Jewelry Store an easy to use and reliable cloud digital signage software for jewelry store digital signage. From any computer at any time create, edit and update your jewelry stores digital signs.

Add media slideshows, HD videos, custom scrolling tickers and more! If you have monthly or weekly new promotions pre-schedule your advertisements to play on specific dates, set expiration dates, or recurring schedule.