Digital directory

Discover the benefits of a digital directory system and how you can easily get started using a digital directory solution today!

Add a digital directory to your building’s lobby to increase the perceived value of your property’s building while giving your visitors a seamless experience. With a digital directory, you can digitally display your tenants listing in a clean and professional format. A digital directory can also be customized to match your brand’s color and your event add your organization’s property management information.

A digital directory is a software-powered solution that is used to guide visitors throughout a building to an on or off-premise location by displaying:

  • Building tenant listings and names
  • You are here wayfinding map
  • Property management contact information
  • Emergency evacuation plans
  • Daily meetings and information
  • Scrolling news and weather listings

Here are 6 reasons why property management companies and building owners are switching to digital directory systems:

1. Real-Time Updates

Updating a traditional building directory can be time-consuming. However, with a digital directory, everything is easy and simple. Using NoviSign’s digital signage software for digital directories your management team will be able to edit all listing and other content easily remotely. You will have the ability to update multiple building’s digital directories all from your computer.

All changes that you make the update within minutes onto the digital directory. This frees you from the hassle of having to pay for new directory listings and saves you time from having to drive to each directory to apply the updates physically.

 2. Flexible Layout Options

With a digital directory, you aren’t limited to functionality. With NoviSign you can choose from a variety of professionally designed digital directory templates.  All digital directory templates are fully customizable and can be easily adjusted around your needs.

Most popular digital directory layouts feature a one or two—column layout and can be displayed in a portrait or landscape orientation. Your tenant listings can be displayed by floor or alphabetically and you add any other information such as suite number, phone number, etc.

3. Customizable Design

When going with a digital directory, you can tailor its look and feel to fit your brand requirements. You can match the background, text and boards of the digital directories columns to match your exact brand colors. Using NoviSign’s image widget, you can add a beautiful HD image of your building. Other favorite digital directory widgets include the slideshow widget; you can get a series of multi-media components such as images, videos or text then set play duration.

4. Easily Maintainable

A digital directory is operated through a user-friendly software that will allow you to make the necessary adjustments and changes within your business to stay current and up to date in less time than the traditional displays required.

5. Multi-Use

When using a digital directory, you can display an unlimited variety of media and information: local area advertisements, weather, custom scrolling text tickers, media slideshows, clock, videos, YouTube, Social media accounts and more.

6. Clean and Modern

Today’s world is embraces technology. Replace the static directories and upgrade with a HD digital directory to create an engaging visually appealing digital directory.

How To Get Start With Digital Directories

Setting up a digital directory system is easy with NoviSign. To setup a digital directory, you will need only two things:

An Android TV or a regular TV connect to a media player:

To start, you will need to get your display connected to the web. If you have an Android TV merely connect it to WiFi, then open the Google Play Store, search ‘NoviSign’ and download our digital signage app.

Once downloaded you can open up a free 30-day trial account of NoviSign here:  /registration/

After creating the account, log-on and select the Compose button. From there you can create a template.

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