Learn how to influence purchasing behaviors of customers, maximize food sales and reduce line wait times using digital menu boards

Every restaurant owner wants to make a more significant profit. It starts by creating an instant craving the minute your customer walks into the door using digital menu boards.


Display the right combination of vivid HD images, food video clips and an easy to read digital menu board layout. By having a digital menu board with that is clean and well designed you will be able to upsell new items better while decreasing wait line times.

Don’t jam your menu with too many items

Have you ever seen a menu that has tons of items all listed? Isn’t that hard to read? Make sure to break your digital menu board items down by category and allow for proper spacing between items.

If you have an extensive menu of over 75 items, it’s best to give us a call or email. We can take a look at your menu and make suggestions as to the number of screens you need and the size.

Mouthwatering images of food 

Because it’s a digital menu board you can display sharp and HD images of food! This gets the taste buds going and will help you sell more food! If you don’t have good images, please follow these steps on how to take the right image.

  • Use a 7+ Megapixel digital camera or cell phone
  • Take the image off the entire plate of food
  • Use a white or plain background
  • Make sure there is good lighting
  • Take images of the same food it item at different angles

How to upsell items

The first, second, and last items listed on a menu always sell more. Because of this make sure you are always listing your highest margin items on the digital menu boards

The pricing hush-hush

Using digital menu boards software make listing your item description and images first. This builds value in the item. Add pricing at the end of each item and use a smaller size font without the dollar sign.

An easy way to get started

If you don’t have time to create your menu and simply want a digital menu board solution that is professionally designed and set-up for you give us a call or email.

Simply send us your menu, and HD images of your food then our design team will custom design a digital menu board for you. This option is for restaurants that are looking for a system that is:

  • Done right and well designed
  • Turnkey and easy to install
  • Made by experts
  • Affordable

Once set-up how will I make changes?

After your digital menu board is up and running, you will be able to remotely access and edit anything and everything! From simple price changes to adding new specials, you will have full access. You will be able to:

  • Create new digital menu board templates
  • Edit your existing template and layout
  • Add new food items
  • Update food description and pricing
  • Change menu specials and image
  • Schedule content to play

About NoviSign

We provide restaurants with an easy to use digital menu software for creating, editing and managing digital menu boards. From included templates to turnkey custom menu design and setup NoviSign can help you!

Send a copy of your menu to Info@NoviSign.com  and we provide you with free expert advice on the number of displays you will need, answer your questions and more!

You can also try out our software free for 30-days!