Your digital menu boards will only be as good as the software you use. If made and deployed correctly digital menu boards can help you sell more food while improving your customer’s experience.

Because you don’t have time to learn about digital menu board software, we’ve outlined 5 essential things that you look for when selecting the right Digital Menu Boards software.

1. Cloud-based digital menu board software

Cloud means web. By having a solution that is accessible via a website makes it easy for you to edit and update your digital menu boards.

2. Customizable digital menu board templates

Sure, anyone can say they have digital menu board software but do they have a library of nicely designed templates? I’m not talking about PowerPoint style generic templates but professionally designed digital menu board templates. It’s your restaurant and how your menu is visually perceived is key. If you have a poorly designed digital menu board, it could make your brand look bad. To learn more about designing your digital menu click here.

3. Must be easy-to-use

It’s simple. You are an expert in restaurants, not software. Any digital menu board software must have little to no learning curve and be easy for you to implement. It should be as simple as point, click and edit. From making necessary price changes to adding new items the digital signage menu board software should contain drag-and-drop widgets that are easy-to-use and manage.

4. Menu Scheduling

Having the ability to pre-schedule your different menus to play at specific times and dates is key. Make sure that the digital menu board software has this function. The scheduling module needs to be straightforward and easy for non-technical users to do.

5. Proper Support

Because your restaurant depends on the menu, you need to make sure that the digital menu board software provider offers full training to live person phone support. Try emailing and calling the provider before making a purchase. See how long it takes for them to reply or call you back.

This lets you get a better feeling for a company. Remember, their lots of vendors that have the digital menu boards software, but not many of them offer USA based support or training.

About NoviSign

NoviSign is a cloud-based digital menu board software provider. Using the all-in-one platform, you can easily and quickly create digital menu boards, choose from digital menu board templates, update pricing, add items, images and more.

Our digital menu boards software can run on any Android Smart TV, Chromebit or Windows media player.

We provide full training, an online training portal, phone support, email help desk and more importantly QUICK REPLIES!

If your looking for a digital menu board solution give us a call or email today!

We can review your menu and make suggestions on how many screens you will need and answer any other questions that you may have.


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