Digital signage is becoming wide area. From education to transportation, from healthcare to retail, from entertainment to internal corporate communication and there are more and more domains added. As the digital signage becoming more and more accessible to ‘Non IT’ staff and can be easily controlled by, well… practically anyone, from kids at school age to elderly part time employees at the local community center, together with the fact that the digital signage software and hardware are becoming affordable to organization at almost any size – we can spot areas that even we and NoviSign, as Windows, Chromebox and Android digital signage software providers are surprised.

NoviSign’s system was recently installed at a tourist information center in Beijing, China. This is the first installation as a pilot at one office and the plan is to implement NoviSign Digital signage solutions across the several dozens of tourist information offices in Beijing and later on to expand nationwide in China.
digital signage tourist information
The screens in the tourist information office at Beijing are presenting information together with dynamic, always updated messages about the hottest tourist locations, special deals and offers and interactive capabilities to get a coupon straight to the visitor’s smartphone. Other screens simply present infotainment. There is also an implementation of simple kiosk capabilities, to get more information, or take immediate action (buy tickets, make reservations, etc.), using the screens spread around in the information center.

The information center management is using the digital signage as platform to communicate with the visitors, providing clear and relevant information, together with the ability to provide on-demand, dynamic offerings from tourist vendors of all kinds, making the digital signage a live scenery for tourists, looking for travel, shows and concerts, entertainment and other fun activities. The ability to interact with the screen, using smartphone is a clear enhancement of the experience and together (in the future) with the connection to the Chinese social networks, the full cycle of engagement will be implemented.

Digital signage for tourist information at Beijing – who would have thought!? The customer, obviously!