Although Retails are pioneers in terms of adopting Digital Signage technologies and deploying digital signage projects, the price tags on the shelves, professionally known as Shelf Labels, are mostly paper based and not yet digitized. We have all seen the super market employees, changing the labels on the store shelves in the morning and I often asked myself if indeed this is the most efficient way.

Well, obviously, there are advanced solutions, they also carry a professional name: ESL – Electronic Shelf Labeling. These solutions are effective and allow digitized way to change the pricing, without physically printing and replacing the shelf label. The solutions are based on local communication and E-Ink labels, one of the famous examples is the Pricer ESL.

Recently, some digital signage software providers, while analyzing the retail market, realized that the electronic retails will be the first to automate and present the pricing in a digital display instead of the old paper method, or the ESL. Some even started to refer to this solution as DSL – Digital Signage Labeling – The digital signage based labeling will not appear on the shelf, it will be part of the display! An integral part of the electronic retail store visibility. So simple, yet so effective.

Digital signage labeling - DSLDSL will use the screens in the electronic retail – TV screens, tablets, smart phones, PC and laptops in order to display content and in addition, guess what? Indeed, the price. The price can dynamically be changed and can be taken from central database and be updated instantly across the chain of stores. Innovative digital signage software providers are pushing the limits of the legacy digital signage in order to automate and dynamic display content that was traditionally static.

For devices with touch screens, the signage software providers usually enable a ‘Show Case Mode’ which presents pre-defined content, including electronic price label (like a “screen saver”), but when touched can turn back to normal mode, allowing the potential customer to use the device, or another application and after few seconds, as preset by the management/IT, that the device was not in use, the predefined playlist is resumed.

For electronic shops, in which significant percentage of their inventory is devices with screens, as mentioned above, will be surely happy to adopt DSL, and implement it across the chain. Automation and centralized control is a clear advantage for them.

Digital Shelf Labeling for devices – the easy way to control and display pricing

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