The world of advertising and sales promotion is all about getting the customer’s attention. Usually it means, bigger and nosier. In the last year or two, marketing experts, especially in the retail business, are realizing that this concept is true, but in addition, we can catch the customer’s eye, by using pinpoint focused ads, relevant to the customer and his current needs – the shelf. You can argue that stickers on the shelves are not new, and you will be right of course. the main difference we can see recently is Digital Signage, or if I may be more specific, Mini Digital Signage.

It is clear for all that digital Signage is replacing the old tin and paper signs. It will take time for the technology to replace the huge signs on the road sides and building (the technology is obviously here, but the cost is still extremely high, for these sizes). the Digital Signage industry, competing with these old fashion static ads, has been trying to ‘make it bigger’, and it did. the drop in the thin screen prices had given the industry the boost it needed (along with other ingredients prices going down, mainly Bandwidth and the Digital Signage Software moving to SaaS), but isn’t it the time to explore the needs for smaller scale, dynamic Digital Signage solutions?

The Android trend, together with the Tablets, and Mini Tablets, had created the opportunity for Digital Signage integrator, to combine a Flexible and SaaS based Digital Signage Solutions and bring a whole new offering, mainly to the retail companies – Android based Mini Digital Signage.

In several western countries, new laws are forcing the retail companies to add prices on the shelves with specific rules (Font Size, location, etc’), Retail Companies in these countries are the first in line for adopting Mini Digital Signage, turning this into advantage, and using it as information tool, as well as promotion and marketing.

In the new world, Combining Android and Digital Signage, Mini is sometimes Maxi …