Does anyone like commercial ads? These are everywhere. It seems that as technology spreads, these ads are surrounding us. Sure, you may find them useful from time to time, when you actually plan to buy something and you see/hear/read an advertisement that’s relevant. But this is a conscious decision. We all know that the real strength of ads is that they manage to reach our unconsciousness, and we go to the supermarket, car dealer, or electronics store driven by the fact that brand names are already familiar.

This is true for building brand names, and most likely the return on this huge investment in advertising is worthwhile. But there is another aspect to advertisng. Sometimes, all a business wants to do is communicate to customers, bring new information to their awareness, no hidden messages, nothing fancy or complicated; something simple, such as, “This what we do/sell – want to buy?”. Digital Signage is the perfect solution for these businesses!

What about customers already on your premises? How do you communicate with them? Tell them what is new? What is on sale? Come on, you don’t really want to print paper posters. The world is dynamic, and a message that fits this morning may no longer be relevant in the afternoon.

The digital signage industry is changing, by using new technologies, especially cloud- based digital signage software and, only recently, Android-based digital signage players, which provide a complete solution for small and medium businesses, at affordable cost.

Modern Digital Signage is no longer only for large companies demanding ‘heavy’ hardware, software and specialists at your businesses for installation and implementation. Android-based devices, together with efficient SaaS digital signage enables any business to use its own IT personal, based on components that can be easily found in any electronics store, to create, manage and broadcast campaigns for its own Digital Signage ‘network’.

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