Endcap digital signageIn retail marketing, an endcap (or end cap) is a display for a product placed at the end of an aisle. It is perceived to give a brand a competitive advantage. It is often available for lease to a manufacturer in a retail environment.

So what is endcap TV? End cap TV is a TV which is located at the endcap. Usually for displaying commercials or promoting a product.

And what does this has to do with digital signage? A lot! Displaying anything on a TV screen or tablet, in this constellation is definitely digital signage.

Here in NoviSign, we have digital signage software solutions for all types of sectors, including the retail. In retail they like to use tablets, small tablets, big tablets and yes, big TVs as well to be hung from above. You can have it horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait). A big plus for the retail is the polls widget which allows people in the store to vote and get a coupon directly to their smartphone to be used in the cashier, on their way out. What can be better than that?
Not to mention the social widgets (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) which allows the visitor in the venue to interact with the store. Wonderful.

So, combine the force of the digital signage with the endcap strategic location and you get endcap digital signage. Just imagine.