The good old traditional Digital Signage is not effective anymore. It is not dead, we’ll always have the need for simple infotainment and menu boards, but it is not exciting anymore. SSI is a new concept that turns Digital Signage to something else – interactive, dynamic and no less important – FUN.

SSI is a sub domain of Digital Signage and it stands for Screen – Smart device Interaction. The technology itself is simple to implement (less simple to develop :-). Any business owner can turn his existing signage platform to become SSI enabled.

SSI - Screen Smart device InteractionSSI will allow the visitors and customers of the business, at any size, to interact with the digital screen only with the device we all know that everyone has – smartphone! Using various technologies, such as tinyURL, QR Code or Eddystone Beacon (a Google component, relatively new), RFID, Barcode, NFC and more, any user can connect to a digital signage screen and change its content.

So, what are the use cases, you may ask, well – as many as you can imagine. From Digital Signage gaming applications to interactive voting and polling, from Social Signage interactive events to direct sales and promotion information. The most amazing advantage of SSI is that the interaction is Bi-Directional – it is not only from the smartphone to the screen – it works backwards as well, allows the business manager to handout a coupon directly to the customer’s smartphone, what makes it redeemable at real time.

The business implications are endless – just let SSI work for your business!