Many companies embrace the model of product led services for their IT solutions – meaning – buying a well-known, reliable product license and adding on top a set of capabilities that fits their exact needs, on top of the generic product. Now the dilemma is … should the customer use the same (product) vendor to build his solution, or should he use an internal or even a third party software provider/SI to run it for him?

The dilemma is real and like in any other IT oriented market, the digital signage software blooming market is no different. Using well known and spread technologies such as HTML/HTML5, Android, Chrome, Java and JavaScript – there are many candidates to ‘jump’ on each digital signage software project.
Android digital signage software
Looking purely at the price – it might indeed be cheaper to do it externally. But… let us differ between price and cost! These are NOT the same. Price is what you pay now, the cost is what you will pay for the entire project and here it becomes kind of tricky…

You can take a programmer or a bunch of them and develop a new signage feature. And now what? How will it connect to your product? Will the performance be sufficient? How long it’ll take (and how many errors along the way) for the programmer to understand the platform and the business need? Is this a real R&D/Professional services group or simply people with development skills? (There is a huge difference – platforms, NFT, testing tools and programming methods, blend of expertise).

We at NoviSign believe that solutions, as crazy as they can be, on top of NoviSign’s platform should be done by digital signage software professionals, that understand the business and logic behind it, the market needs and the way to connect and deliver! (Yes, even if it requires working some crazy hours to meet deadlines). Additional critical value is support – once a feature is inside the product – it is fully supported!

NoviSign top digital signage software professional service is a flexible, fast responding and business oriented group. Looking for professional services for digital signage – go to the professionals!