Corporate Communications Digital Signage

5 Practical Application Examples of Corporate Communications Digital Signage

Most businesses focus on making their brands look, public perception and making an amazing statement on social media. While these mediums are used to target customers and show how your brand looks from the outside world, this is still isn’t enough.

If your looking for an outline for setting up digital signage for corporate communications read our post “4 Steps to Deploying Digital Signage for Corporate Communications”.

The first thing that your employees, potential employees and visitors see when they walk through your office door is your lobby or reception area. The first impression matters a lot and it is vital to creating an impressive one. However, then only around 12% of companies are using their lobby digital signage and reception areas to make an impression.

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The ways you can use corporate communications digital signage are vast and virtually unlimited. When deployed you can consistently reach and share information with your employees. Corporate communications digital signage is the perfect strategy for remotely updating the signs for all locations from any computer at any time.

Let’s take a look at some popular drag-and-drop digital signage widgets that you can use to create compelling corporate communications digital signage:

Example #1: Employee Notifications for Corporate Communications Digital Signage

By sharing your organization’s daily news, updates and other bulletins, you can keep everyone updated and connected. Check out our post called 5 Amazingly Effective Ways to Use Digital Signage for Employee Communications.

How? NoviSign Web Widget: Google Slides

78% of companies do not leverage their digital screens to interact with their employees.

Using the NoviSign Web Widget, you can quickly and easily add a Google Slides show to your content. You can share team or company goals, latest sales figures, accomplishments, or customer testimonials. Below the Google Slides section, you can see scrolling news, weather and other eye-grabbing information to attract the attention of viewers.

Example #2: Display Sales Numbers and Goals

How? NoviSign Web Widget: Google Sheets

With corporate communications digital signage you can keep everyone updated on your latest company data – whether it is about sales figures, performance metrics or customer statistics. This for of signage is commonly called digital signage for internal communications.

Using the Web Widget, you can add your Google Sheets web URL, to easily and quickly input your data and display visually appealing charts and graphs that you’ve created in Google Sheets. When you Google Sheets data update so will the sign!

Example #3: Amaze Prospective Employees and Clients

How?: NoviSign Video or Slideshow Widget

It is vital that you share success stories. This information build trust. By using the NoviSign Video or Slideshow widget, you can play case study videos, display a series of customer testimonials or success stories. Simply add the widget and upload your files.

Example #4: Create Engagement with Live Streams

How? NoviSign News Ticker, Stock Feeds, Weather and Clock

Using a combination of included drag-and-drop widgets, you can easily show relevant news and information from around the world. You can pull in and display information such as world news, world clock, world currency rates, stocks, weather reports and a lot more.

This information can be spread across the screen in a clean layout that is easy on the eyes. You can adjust the size of each item, customize the colors, and more.

Example #5: Social Media

How? NoviSign’s widgets Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Also included with NoviSign are social media widgets. You can stream your companies twitter feed, add company Facebook galleries, display your company Instagram account and even connect your companies YouTube account with the sign. You do not have to do any integration. Merely add the widget and connect your account. Once connected you can begin streaming!

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