Digital signage for corporate communications

HD and engaging digital signage for corporate communications is your gateway for improving communications!

Corporate communications digital signage is the smart way to unite your corporate communications platform. When used digital signage for corporate communications, can dramatically improve the way you share internal information, boost employee productivity and encourage teamwork.

Use digital signage for corporate communications in your lobby, outside of high traffic hallways, inside your employee breakrooms and workstations. Corporate communications digital signage is a fun and easy-to-use for:

  • Broadcast important daily new corporate initiatives
  • Spotlight employee success stories
  • Share messages from upper management and the CEO
  • Greet new employees and provide training videos

Information Boards

Digital signage for corporate communications is a flexible, yet powerful tool to easily and quickly edit and share daily news bulletins, meetings times and other relevant information. Corporate communications digital signage information boards are a great way to deliver your most important messages.

  • Share on-demand notifications that must be seen by an employee
  • Add custom scrolling messages and event listings
  • Display internal employee communications
  • Company goals, metrics and performance charts
Corporate communications digital signage

Corporate communications digital signage can be placed in meeting rooms, lobbies and other areas that your employee gather

Reach Your Employees

By installing displays in areas that your employee gather, take breaks and work you can maximize the effectiveness of corporate communications digital signage. Because the digital signage for corporate communications screens is in high-traffic locations, you can rest assured that your communications will be seen. From one central location, you can then edit and remotely update each display.

When using digital signage for corporate communications, you can update one screen at a time or create group updates of displays. This flexibility enables you to create and share highly targeted digital signage for corporate communications messages that would be relevant for the viewing audience.

How to Start

It begins by outlining what is essential to your organization. Sit down with the heads of each department and get a list of what forms of information they would like displayed. This could be HR notifications, training videos, a slideshow of company news, or weekly corporate announcements.

Once you have an outline, create groups or categories of digital signage corporate communications. These groups will be the different zones or sections of information that you can display on your digital signage for corporate communications screen.

Corporate communication digital signage

Corporate Communication Digital Signage Examples

Let’s now take a look at what the most common items that organizations are using digital signage corporate communications for:

  1. Slide Shows: PowerPoint messaging slides and company listings
  2. Events: scrolling list of company scheduled meetings and happening
  3. Text ticker: custom ticker of the text of company news
  4. Weather and time: local forecast, emergency weather and clock
  5. Social media: connect your companies Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  6. Metrics: list days without accident, sales goals and charts
  7. YouTube: add your company videos, CNN news or other playlists
  8. Yammer: show live internal group chats and feeds
  9. Google Slides: add a live Google Slides presentation
  10. Webpages: share a specific section of your company’s website
  11. Polls: share employee feedback charts and polls
  12. RSS News: local or national news headlines

Making it Happen

Once you’ve listed the items that you would like the display, you can begin creating your content. Using NoviSign’s Digital Signage for Corporate Communications software, you can create a template from scratch or customize a template.

All of NoviSign’s digital signage corporate communications templates have zones pre-made and professionally laid out. This makes the process of making your template easy and fast. You can use the drag-and-drop widgets to add or edit the zones of content and upload all of your media files. You can use everything from PowerPoint slides to videos to images.

Scheduling Your Messages

After you have your digital signage for corporate communications templates made, its time to make a playlist. A playlist is a series or one template that you want to send to a screen or group of screens. With NoviSign, you can schedule each template to play on specific days, times, recurring times and even set expiration dates. This function for corporate communications digital signage is handy if you have to coordinate specific messages to play on scheduled dates and times. It is also useful for sending a special welcome message to special guests, customers or new employees.

Sending Your Messages to Screen

Once you have your playlists made, then it’s time to send to your corporate communications digital signage screens. With NoviSign, you can send a specific playlist to an individual screen, or you can create groups of the screen in which the messages can be sent to. This is useful for updating multiple screens in various locations all at once.

Remotely Monitoring

Another creates a benefit of NoviSign and Digital Signage for Corporate Communications is the ability to monitor the status of corporate communications screen. From checking if the screen is connected and playing, to running proof-of-play reports, the included Monitoring and Reports Dashboard with NoviSign is the perfect tool for remotely watching your screens.

Setup Assistance and Content Design

If you are looking for a custom solution for corporate communications that is turnkey and comes ready to use, NoviSign can help you. From professionally designed content to training NoviSign offers, complete digital signage for corporate communications template design and setup. Your branding, company colors and other requirements will all be included with the design. This optional value-added service is for organizations that are looking for an effective professionally designed system for corporate communications digital signage. 

About NoviSign

NoviSign provides a web-based digital signage software for creating, editing and managing digital signage for corporate communications. With over 20,000 screens deployed across, five continents NoviSign makes corporate communications digital signage easy and practical. NoviSign runs on Android, Chrome OS and Window Media Players.

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