Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

Discover the benefits of installing digital signage for corporate communications in your lobby

It is true. People make their first impressions of your organization as soon as they enter your lobby or waiting area. More than that, it is your own “voice” reflecting the very vision and personality of your company. It tells visitors who you are and what you stand for. Continue reading to learn the steps it takes to successfully deploy digital signage for corporate communications.

Your lobby serves as the funnel that shapes people’s experience the moment they walk in the door – from your client, guests, visitors, contractors, partners, suppliers and employees. Leverage your lobbies digital signage for corporate communications to spread your message and immediately create the best impression efficiently.

Step 1: Initial Perception

The easiest way to make your digital signage for corporate communications work for your company is to see yourself as an employee or visitor that walks through your door. Enter your outside door. Figure out where your eyes will be drawn. Think and consider the information and messages that people might need or what to see as they get into the lobby. You can also ask your visitors directly to find out what they are looking for. Figure out what will work best. Effective digital signage for corporate communications should be customized to your guest’s needs and the viewing audience.

Step 2: Proper Location

You can setup a single large display or video wall that welcome and assist visitors. When using larger displays, you are creating a “wow” factor that amazes patrons while ensuring your messages are seen.

If you have a diverse group of people with different needs, then having multiple smaller displays might work best. By installing a series of smaller display, you can customize the content of each display to visually show different sets of information. An example of this could be one digital directory listing offices and a second display that outlines general digital signage for internal communications that outlines information about your company and weekly meetings lists.

If you are installing digital signage for employee communications, consider installing the digital signs in high-traffic employee areas such as break rooms, cafeteria and work areas. To make the most of your employee communications digital signage read our blog post 5 Amazingly Effective Ways to Use Digital Signage for Employee Communications.

Step 3: Optimizing Content

Since the lobby is frequently filled with people, the space you have to display information can get crowded. With NoviSign, you can pre-schedule your days content in advance. For example, you can schedule specific welcome messages for guests to display and expire at specific times automatically. By outlining your weekly events and defining what message is most important to display on an assigned time, you can maximize the screens room while ensuring your viewing audience is receiving the right information at the right time. To learn more about content check out our blog “3 Critical Ways You Can Use Digital Signage for Corporate Communications” and our other blog post “5 Real-Life Examples of Corporate Communications Digital Signage”

Step 4: Screen Layout and Design

It is best to make sure that your digital signage for corporate communications reflects your branding requirements.

It should give a natural feel to your premises. An appropriate place to set it up is in the area where the eye naturally falls as someone walks into the lobby. Using NoviSign’s digital signage for corporate communications, you can customize one of the included digital signage for corporate communications templates or create a template from scratch. You can easily add your organization’s logo and customize the color theme.

Make sure that that the layout complements the décor in your lobby. For instance, you can choose warmer display colors if wood furnishings and decors make up a considerable part of your lobby. This way, the screen will blend with the natural atmosphere. Alternatively, you own a high-tech company, its best to choose to use a modern minimalist design that is clean.

About NoviSign

NoviSign is a digital signage software company that provides a comprehensive solution to create, edit and manage digital signage for corporate communications. Using the online design Studio, you can intuitively design and update your digital signs content. The digital signage software can be easily used by your front desk receptionist, HR and management teams.

Included with NoviSign’s digital signage for corporate communications software is a library of professionally designed templates and an extensive variety of drag-and-drop widgets.

Add slideshows, videos, HD images, weather, world clock, scrolling news steams, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed. NoviSign’s digital signage software is perfect for organizations that are looking to use digital signage for corporate communication, lobby digital signage, meeting room digital signage and digital directories.

You can try it today for 30-days. No credit card is needed and if you decide to purchase it is only $20.00 a month per screen. The software can be accessed and used on any computer and runs on Chrome OS, Android or Windows.

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