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Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

A better way to consistently communicate with your employees and customers

Digital Signage for Corporate communications makes it easier for you to better connect with employees. Using NoviSign’s corporate communications digital signage software, you will be able to display real-time information and events, meeting times with schedules, internal corporate scrolling news tickers and even add customized messages welcoming your clients and guests.

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Corporate Communications

For small businesses to large enterprises

With NoviSign’s Digital Signage for Corporate Communications, you can make rich content that contains company messages, media slideshows, HD videos, internal communications and more. Create a template from scratch that features multiple zones of media and messages or customizes a corporate communications digital signage template.

Improve Visitor Experiences

Create a memorable visit by adding a personable greeting


Add your corporate streams of internal corporate communications

Enhance Employee Engagement

Spotlight employees of the month, monthly goals and more

Company Events

Highlight upcoming special events and fundraising activities

HR Bulletins

New insurance bulletins, procedures, messages from upper management

Share Targeted Messages

Display daily and weekly meeting times and schedules

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    Schedule and control

    From any device, on the browser, you can remotely edit, update and manage all of your corporate communication digital signage screens. NoviSign’s software runs on Windows, Android and Chrome OS media players. Using the included playlists and scheduling module you can broadcast new instantly or preschedule your content to play on specific dates and times. You can also set individual messages to play and expire on desired dates. This is ideal for creating individual custom welcome slides and other content.

    Drag & Drop Widgets

    Users of any background with minimal IT experience can use NoviSign’s drag-and-drop widgets to create all-in-one internal communications digital signage content easily:

    • RSS News Feeds
    • YouTube
    • Ustream
    • Webpages  
    • Google Slides and Spreadsheets
    • HD Images
    • Videos
    • Slideshows and Presentations
    • Instagram
    • Weather, Date and Clock
    • Scrolling Tickers
    • Shapes and Backgrounds
    • Interactive Polls
    • Games
    • Text

    Improve Campus Wide Corporate Communications Digital Signage

    From displaying live and engaging corporate social media feeds to essential emergency notifications you can use NoviSign’s digital signage for corporate communications to quickly and easily create a unified corporate communications infrastructure.

    • Control corporate messaging from a central headquarters and remotely push out announcements
    • Share crucial daily company updates, new corporate policies and bulletins
    • Easily update notices and statements then pre-schedule content to automatically update
    • Add production metrics, sales goals and other factory-related production information
    • Integrate your Google Slides and Spreadsheets for real-time media presentations

    Your Total Solution for Corporate Communications Digital Signage

    Using NoviSign’s digital signage for corporate communications, you can effortlessly design, edit and manage your announcements for one or thousands of digital screen. From small 10″ tablets outside of conference rooms to large 90″ digital signs for your lobby you can use NoviSign to manage your entire organization’s visual communications infrastructure. Update one screen at a time or multiple locations screens.

    Employee internal communication

    Easy-to-Use Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

    Specially designed for ease of use, NoviSign is fully compatible with PowerPoint! Just edit your slide and import it to NoviSign. Once uploaded you can add your slide to the included slideshow widget, adjust the size and or add additional text, images and additional information. Quickly add your company’s logo and other brand standards. Bring media zones front and back, add distinctive and lively background colors or gradients all while being able to tailor text size and font.

    Factory Floor Digital Signage

    Production Numbers, Monthly Goals, Line Statuses, Charts and Data

    Corporate Lobby Digital Signage

    Welcome Clients, Spotlight Company News, Company Social Media, Product Announcements

    Employee Breakroom Digital Signage

    Employee of the Month, Corporate Announcements, Achievements, Local News

    Digital Signage for HR

    Health Insurance News, Corporate Events, Training Videos, Messages from CEO

    Digital Directories for Lobbies

    Wayfinding Directory, Facility Map, Meetings Calendar, Traffic Reports

    Across Your Entire Building or Strategically Deployed in High Traffic Locations

    The possibilities of corporate communications digital signage with NoviSign are unlimited! You can easily update and share real-time notifications across your building’s digital signs located in different locations. From your lobby to employee breakroom, using NoviSign’s online Studio, you can preschedule specific messages and other relevant information to automatically update on displays at specific dates and times.

    • Manage multiple locations and their displays from your corporate headquarters
    • Includes full admin control with the ability to create additional users
    • From any computer make changes to your digital signs content and remotely send updates
    • Create your notifications in advance then pre-schedule them to refresh automatically
    • Set your content to auto-update on particular days, repeat play on specific days, or to play once
    Corporate Communication
    Corporate communication digital signage

    Corporate Communications Digital Signage

    Improve relationships, cultivate culture and drive engagement

    It is no secret. Happier employees create higher productivity rates, reduce turnover rates while driving brand culture. By strategically placing digital signs in your breakroom, cafeteria and other areas of high traffic you will be able to send highly target bits of time-sensitive information to your employee that is relevant and value-driven. Using NoviSign’s Digital Signage for Corporate Communications, you can:

    • Display information on upcoming corporate events and outings
    • Reinforce your mission statement, values and company goals
    • Spotlight employee success stories and achievements
    • Add slideshows of fun team images, company events and charity events
    • List new company initiates to keep employees aware of new endeavors
    • Broadcast company-wide sales initiatives and goal charts

    Digital Signage for Corporate Lobbies

    Make a warm, welcoming statement that improves your client visits

    In today’s competitive world companies are continually searching for new ways to stand out. To create a truly engaging initial experience that is memorable and of value, organizations are turning to digital signage. From digital directories to large video walls, corporate communications digital lobby signage can be used to improve branding, educate clients about your products and highlight your organization’s core values. Corporate digital signage is also a place to showcase your brand’s advantages in an easy, appealing way – as soon as visitors enter your building.

    • Digital directories with the facility map and employee phone numbers
    • Add corporate social media streams like your Instagram
    • Tell your company’s history to create a sense of identity and purpose
    • Customize the screen by adding images of guests and a personalized welcome
    • List the day’s scheduled meetings, conference room and or the agenda
    Digital signage for corporate communications
    Internal communications

    Digital Directories

    A practical solution for your lobby that is easy to update and modern

    Upgrade your buildings static directory with an eye-catching digital directory that is highly engaging and easily visible. Digital directories will help you better share on-demand information in a clear and consistent format. With NoviSign, your front desk receptionist or property manager will be able to easily edit tenant names, update meeting schedules and add other media. Once it edits is made the digital directory will update in two minutes.

    • Modify your messages by the time and day, so it talks to your target audience
    • List real-time business hours, schedules and tenant information
    • Add area traffic reports, news, weather and emergency exit maps
    • Post information of upcoming leasing opportunities with contact information
    • Share personalized welcome messages to make your guests feel well-greeted
    • Add RSS feed, scrolling text messages and slideshow media gallery

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