Digital ATM Topper

The Digital ATM Topper: What Is It, and How Can I Put It to Use?

Learn how to implement advertising at the ATM to reach consumers at the precise moment using digital ATM toppers. Attract customers waiting for the ATM using visually-grabbing media, videos, ads, and entertainment.

Make more money!

Traditional “ATM topper” deployments were hampered by high startup and ongoing expenses, among other factors. However, these barriers have been lifted, and digital ATM toppers are increasingly installed across multiple markets! In addition, using our digital signage software, you can remotely create and manage the media and ads you would like to display on the ATM toppers.

Face-to-Face Digital Advertising

More so than print, broadcast, or outdoor media, digital ATM toppers are likely to grab and hold a viewer’s attention for longer. Digital signage ATM toppers can advertise a single product or a variety of products, and the advertising message is delivered directly to the consumers the business cares about.

Banks and other financial institutions are only one example of the many industries using digital ATM toppers. The ATM environment presents a prime opportunity for banks to promote their brands, increasing the likelihood that customers who typically bank elsewhere may switch to their institution.

Using touch screen ATM topper digital signage, customers could be encouraged to request a callback to learn more about the product or service. In addition, customers can be constantly reminded of the need to guard their PINs, passwords, and other sensitive information using digital ATM toppers.

Open the door to more opportunities

Private ATM network providers, who position ATMs in locations like major supermarkets, pubs, resorts, and other public spaces, increasingly rely on local marketing and promotion by third parties to bring in new customers.

ATM topper screens can be added to your ATM and be set to display advertisements for everything from loyalty programs, local area restaurants, on-sale items, promotions, and more!

Merchants and shops may easily advertise food items appropriate for the time of day by quickly developing and planning content playlists. Coffee shops and bakeries, for instance, would advertise their menus in the morning, while taverns and bars can be set to have their ads play in the afternoon/evening.

What is ATM topper digital signage software?

ATM Digital signage software is a web-based platform that gives you the tools to create, schedule quickly, and manage your content. In addition, we offer proof of play ad reports to track your ATM topper ads.

How can we help you?

Utilizing NoviSign’s online digital signage software, you can produce media-rich digital signage for your business. With the many drag-and-drop widgets available, you can easily create stunning and engaging content for your digital signage with just a few clicks.

These widgets include images, videos, vibrant slideshows, RSS feeds, scrolling text tickers, webpages, interactive polls, a virtual queue, feeds from Facebook and Twitter, and streams from YouTube, among many others. Those with no background in graphic design and want to use the editor on the internet won’t have any trouble doing so.

We also offer a free 30-day trial to test it out, plus special ATM topper digital signage pricing!