Digital signage is one of the fastest growing industries, it combines all the critical components of the modern business and commercial world needs: innovative and cool, involves hi-tech and technology, Social networking and advertsing. digital signage allows the business to communicate with their customers without having them proactively searching for the business web site, or get annoying and privacy disturbing messages to the clients cell phones.

Digital Signage is based on the assumption the customers reached the business premise on their own will, they probably have the initial intention to buy something and spend their money. The business goal is to widen its offering and make the experience of entering the business more valuable – to both sides. In many ways the customer is a captive audience, this gives the digital signage great advantage, even in a short time frame the business can deliver a focused message that can lead to additional business transactions, or at least raise the awareness to the possibilities in the business and strengthening the brand. One of the best examples for captive audience that might enjoy the benefits of Digital Signage is Gas Stations.

Most of us pull into the gas station at least once a week (well, if you have my car, it might be more than that). We spend few minutes in average, either in the self service, or waiting for someone to fill up the tank for us. Usually we are board – We become classical captive audience! Have you ever been board and looked away from a screen that was showing something? Probably no…

Most Gas Stations have convenience stores, The Gas Companies are enjoying significant revenues from these stores, the majority of the drivers won’t enter these stores, unless planed ahead OR something will appeal to them … Digital Signage for Gas Stations will be probably the most effective non intrusive (As opposed to Location based message to your cell) to promote the convenience stores for the drivers. I’m a father to kids, give me 30% discount on diapers, and I’m charging in, at any time…

I believe that it is important to note that installing screens in Gas stations (as opposed to other venues) is a matter for professionals, given the nature of the premises.

Push on the gas pedal – Digital Signage for Gas stations!