Digital healthcare revolution
20 years back, when we witnessed the great Dotcom boost (that exploded in loud noise, but never stopped growing since), Healthcare (and banks) were the last in line to go through the digital transformation that spread across the globe, harnessing the power of the Internet. The banks caught up with time and closed the gap, since the business value was clear and tangible. Healthcare domain had to wait for the famous 2020-Covid year to boost up, and it is boosting!

The Covid-19 based restrictions, alongside remote work and the constant need for crowd/visitor management has created a huge demand for digital solutions in the healthcare domain.

Digital Signage is one of the sub-domains that healthcare industry leaders discovered as one of the most important capabilities as part of the Digital boost. Indeed, we all saw the usage of Digital Signage in healthcare, mainly in basic signage for infotainment and queue management displays, but the recent demand of digital signage for healthcare exceeds these basic capabilities.

Digital signage is becoming one of the most important tools for communication, congestion management, wayfinding, self-service, dynamic information and even as part of different services, such as sanitizers and vending machines (with additional capabilities like inventory management).

Digital signs are implemented to enforce the Covid19 Rules, such as crowd congestion, by counting the visitors and providing red/green light at the entrance. Digital displays are critical in providing the right information about the super dynamic allocation of rooms and clinics with the healthcare facilities.

Digital Signage, even during these hard days, continues to be a business tool to promote additional services and sales, by dynamically providing the right content to the right audience at the right time.

As the budget and attention allocated for the digital transformation continues to grow, we call IT and/or Operations staff or any team in the Healthcare units (Hospital/Clinic) to approach us at NoviSign – we will be happy to partner and support you to bring the revolution to your site!