Digital signage for gas stations

From pump displays to in-store advertising digital signage from gas stations can be used to consistently reach customers with sales, information, loyalty programs, videos and more! Gas station digital signage can be used to drive promotions while improving the way your brand is perceived. When using digital signage for gas stations, you have to the power to remotely control your screens content, make on-the-fly updates and pre-schedule your ads and media to play on specific dates.

Digital signage for gas stations can be used to:

  • Promote your rewards and loyalty program
  • Spotlight hot/cold beverage and fountain drink sales
  • Feature exclusive in-store food/grill specials
  • Incorporate Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feeds
  • Upsell carwash packages and promotions
  • Add local new feeds and weather forecasts
  • List store hours and general information
  • Feature videos and trivia
  • Set-up local advertising network with gas station digital signage

Increase Gas Station Food & Beverage Sales

By adding digital signage in high-traffic locations such as the entrance, fountain drinks and cooler you can effectively broadcast your ad’s and information. Because the gas station digital signs are in easily view-able areas you can consistently share updates and new specials. From displaying basic slideshows to eye-catching commercials you can use digital signage for gas stations to effectively reach your customers.

When using digital signage for gas stations you can:

  • Make on-the-fly edits and updates to the content
  • Remotely manage all of your gas stations digital signs
  • Preschedule ads and other media to update on specific dates
  • Set happy-hour ads or other content to play on recurring set times

Food Digital Menu Boards

You can also use digital signage for gas stations as digital menu boards. By installing displays in food and drink areas you can digitally lists specials and update prices.

  • List drink available drinks sizes and prices
  • Add food combos with images, descriptions and prices
  • Upsell BOGO specials on pizza slices or hotdogs
  • Feature new Slushy flavor and Coffee drinks

An Easy Solution for Gas Station Digital Signage

NoviSign offers a cloud-based digital signage software for gas stations. From any computer at any time users can create, edit and manage their screens content. Using the online Studio, users can create template’s from scratch or edit one of the included customizable templates. The software comes ones drag-and-drop widgets. Popular digital signage for gas stations widgets include; dynamic media slideshows, videos, news feeds, scrolling tickers and weather forecasts.

NoviSign’s software includes:

  • Best variety of drag-and-drop widgets
  • Customizable template library
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • YouTube and Ustream live videos
  • Create and manage new playlists
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities
  • Create and update playlists
  • Manage a single display or hundreds
  • Admin controls with multi-user control
  • Cloud media library for storing your media
  • Real-time content updates
  • Complete training and support