Digital signage for police departments


Digital Signage for Police Departments

Police department digital signage is today’s new communication tool. Use Digital Signage for Police Departments to reach and inform your staff and visitors. Breakrooms, hallways, debriefing rooms and building entrances are locations that police department digital signage can be used. From displaying training information to daily schedules digital signage for police departments can be used to display real-time notifications, department news and more!

Internal information displays

The power of digital signage for police departments comes down to flexibility. From any computer at any users can remotely edit and update messaging and media then send the new information to the screens. This eliminates the need to print static signage and saves you time on having to manually update your department’s signage. Use police department digital signage to display a combination of relevant information:

  • Most Wanted Bulletins
  • Crime fighting targets and goals
  • Logistical, tactical and intelligence information
  • Training protocols and information
  • Internal notifications and news bulletins
  • Emergency notifications and alerts
  • Command and district updates

Digital Signage for Police Districts

Use Digital Signage for Police Districts to share and display important information, latest crime statistics, and offender watch listings. In addition to sharing notification’s you display important information on neighborhood crime levels and while spotlighting community outreach program success stories.

A Total Solution for Police Department Digital Signage

Use NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage for police departments to easily edit your messages then send the updates to single or multiple screens.

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