Digital Signage for political election campaigns

Digital Signage for Political Election Campaigns

Digital signage for political election campaigns can play a critical role in creating public awareness around your candidate. From sharing campaign information to telling your candidates story, political campaign digital signage can be used to distribute vital information to the public.

Where can political election digital signage be used?

By placing screens in high traffic locations, you will have the opportunity to reach the public with your messages. Senior living homes, work out centers and daycares are examples of high-traffic locations that you could place screens.

In addition, you can send demographic-specific content that talks explicitly to that location’s demographic. For example, the daycare screens can feature messages that speak to mothers and families while the work out center screens can feature content that is more tailored to single middle-aged adults.

How does it work?

You will need a TV, digital signage player and cloud-based digital signage software. You can use any brand TV. A media player is a small form device that connects to the internet and TV via HDMI. The media player is what will check for new content updates from the web (cloud) and download them to play on the screen.

Digital signage software is the platform that you will use to design the content and send it to the screens. From any computer, you will be able to access the software from a website. Once logged, you can setup your content, schedule it to play, then send it to the screens.

What types of information can I display?

Slideshows, images, your campaign slogan, poll numbers, scrolling tickers, videos and upcoming event listings are just some of the items that you can display on the screens.

You can set the content to rotate through in the format of a slideshow, or you can setup different zones of content that is playing content simultaneously. For example, in one section, you could be playing a short video, below it could be a scrolling ticker featuring campaign news and aside from the video, you could have a list of upcoming community events.

About NoviSign

NoviSign is a cloud-based digital signage software platform that lets users design, update and manage the content that is being displayed on any digital sign or TV.

Using the drag-and-drop widgets, users can creatively design their content. PowerPoint slides, PNGs, JPEGs and MP4 videos can all be incorporated into the design.

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