Digital Signage and Integrators are not strangers to each other. The Integrators are the ones who actually approach the end users and offer them the complete Digital signage solution customized for their needs and budget capabilities.

Most of these System Integrators gain expertise in the digital signage business and dedicated special Departments to this area or even provided this service as their mail line of Business. The reason was that Digital Signage implementation was a complicated area demanding specific skills and the projects were long term, expensive and required significant ongoing support and continuous services.

As the Digital Signage industry changing its face, and becoming available to new potential customers, mainly small and medium businesses from all sorts of business lines: Healthcare (not only large hospitals), Shops and commercial areas, Schools and educational establishments (from Kinder Garden to College), Restaurant/Coffee shops and Bars, it is clear that new potential System Integrators may enter the game and enjoy the fruits of the bloom of Digital Signage in new markets.

I am aiming for those small system Integrators who had no experience with Digital Signage. These Integrators provides IT/networking services to Small and Medium businesses, maybe some additional added value in local solutions, perhaps even security camera. They have the capabilities, the connections and now the proper knowledge and skills to add Digital Signage to their offering. The Digital Signage Software is moving to the ‘cloud computing’ and simplified to meet simple needs as well as complicated. The hardware (Screens/Players) is no longer unique and expensive.

With very limited additional effort, these integrators can increase their offering and provide new added value for their type of customers. The possibilities does not end with setting up the digital signage and the Integrators can take part in the operational level like Creative, Support and Development on Top the digital Signage product software.

Digital Signage has moved with Time, I believe the Integrators are next to follow.