How to Setup Advertising Digital Signage Network

Digital Signage Advertising Networks

Multi-Zone Digital Signage Advertisements for Broadcasting Digital Ads

Eliminate the traditional printed ad and upgrade to a digital ad network to display an unlimited combination of digital ads with digital signage, commonly called Digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad networks. By using digital signage to power your digital signage ad network you can improve ROI by:

  • Choosing a niche market and installing screens in high-traffic environments
  • Sending targeted audience-specific content that is engaging and off-value
  • Controlling what is played and the time it is displayed
  • Showing detailed proof of play and media statics analytics

Elements of Success

To setup and deploy prosperous digital signage for advertising network you need a digital signage advertising network system that is: reports and data-driven, targeted with group updates, immediate remote ad administration and easy-to-manage.

When choosing digital signage for advertising solution make sure you choose a system that features:

  • Minimal hardware costs
  • Advanced monitoring and reports dashboard
  • Multi-user control with the ability to share zones with advertisers
  • Ad duration control by the second
  • A media approval system
  • Media player cache for offline play
  • *Optional: facial detection for data-driven advertising

Audience Specific Advertisements

Advertisers are always in search for new ways to reach their targeted audience. By setting up a digital signage advertising network in niche specific, high-traffic, long dwell time locations you will be able to reach specific advertising demographics and the requirements paying advertisers consistently. Once deployed you can use digital signage for advertising to remotely broadcast media to your digital signage ad network screens.

Data-Driven Digital Signage Ad Networks

With Google AdWords, PPC and other forms of online digital advertising ever expanding you need an advertising digital signage system that offers you complete control and access to data. This means an all-in-one platform to track and manage your advertising network and the ads being played. A dashboard that contains all of your data in one place:

  • Proof-of-play: daily, monthly, quarterly or any other defined reports that outline total media plays, play time and media type
  • Media statics: see the media file name, how every media file played, the total number of exposures and how many times a specific media file played on every screen
  • Player and screen: monitor online connectivity, current playlist, time of last updates
  • User audits: see who and precisely what playlist and media type was uploaded and what screens its playing on.

NoviSign’s and Digital Signage Advertising Networks

NoviSign offers the industry’s best digital signage for advertising networks dashboard for analytics and reporting. This means you will have total control of your digital signage advertising network and be able to generate precise and accurate reports for your network of advertising screens.

Also, NoviSign’s web-based design Studio and the included drag-and-drop widgets make the process of updating content easy and fast. Create advanced playlists and schedules with the included scheduler. With NoviSign you can also create multi-user accounts for advertisers and assign specific zones and playlists for updates.

NoviSign also offers a unique White Label program for advertisers that are looking to set-up a digital signage advertising network.

  • NoviSign runs on Android, Chrome OS and Window Media Players
  • Enterprise-Grade Digital Signage for Advertising Network
  • Full Support, Training and Email Helpdesk