As the Digital Signage industry re-invents itself and entering new area and venues, stepping outside of the well known usages in banks, Airports and Multinational food chains into the Small and Medium Businesses and we can see a clear trend of local Digital Signage solutions in education (Schools, Colleges and even Kinder Gardens), Hotels (Not Only the big chains, but in ‘family’ hotels as well), local commercial Areas and even small shops.

As part of this trend of, we would like to explore a venue that has been using Digital Signage in the past, but will probably has many more options opening right now using the new wind that is blowing in the digital Signage industry. I’m talking about the Bars, Restaurants and coffee shops.

As mentioned, the usage of Digital Signage in this business will not be new, BUT the real change is the fact that what was a (very effective…) tool to improve the atmosphere, create a buzz, and simply making the place more attractive, required quite significant expense, and was mainly implemented by the businesses that real so the immediate Return on Investment, mainly the trendy type that had to keep ahead of the competition and were ready to invest in it.

The neighborhood small Coffee shops, local bars and family restaurant presented their new offerings, daily specials and other info on the wall or on a chalk board. These days are over! or at least should be… the new Digital Signage solutions, using SaaS, enabling small businesses using Digital Signage in cost effective ways, no need to envy those trendy Bars. You can simply upgrade it in the spirit of the 21st century while keep your ‘local/Family’ atmosphere.

True – For a Digital Signage solutions that provide full ‘Ultra cool Experience’ like a bottle of beer that is opened on one screen and thrown across the bar, to another screen, drank by a beauty on a third screen, the customer will still need to pay significantly over the capabilities of local Coffee shop/Bar, but most of you out there won’t really need it. You simply want to declare a ‘happy hour’ if your favorite player scores on the second half … you maybe want to show some pictures from the ‘Drinker of the month contest that held last week (you’ll probably make some people laugh, and other run it tears :-). You’ll probably want to promote the new Vodka you just brought in.

Is it call the Digital Signage can do for you? Well, No… Some companies are developing Special Digital Signage Solutions that will fit these kinds of Venues. Raise the bar! (And stay tuned for more)