Digital signage for resorts

Learn how you can use digital signage for resorts to improve guest experiences while improving revenues

Digital signage for resorts is a fun and engaging way to reach your guests with pertinent information and updates.  From broadcasting resort notifications to up-selling amenities, digital signage for resorts is an unlimited communications tool that makes sharing guest-centric updates easy and efficient.

Popular applications of digital signage for resorts include:

  • Display daily activities and event schedules
  • Live event schedules, weather and news streams
  • Shuttle and area transportation times
  • Spa and salon packages
  • Amenities and accommodations
  • Images, images and scrolling text

Cloud-Based, Flexible and Scalable

Because digital signage for resorts can be managed and updated from any computer at any time digital signage for resorts opens the door to secure and efficient messaging.

Use resort digital signage to create, update and broadcast daily news and marketing notifications. Using digital signage resorts, you can remotely update and manage all of the content of your screen.

From creating guest welcoming screens in your lobby to room and event signs, digital signage for resorts can be used to the end targeted messages to a single screen or groups of the screen at a time.

  • Media: add dynamic slideshows spotlighting amenities, videos and images
  • Menus: promote dining options, specials, café drinks and digital menus
  • Spa & Salon: spotlight services, massage deals, spa hours and promotions
  • Activities: list local or on-premise attractions, events and entertainment options
  • Internal: add displays in break-rooms for employee communications and update 

Increase Guest Experiences

By displaying information and answers to on-demand questions on your resorts digital signage you will add to your guest’s experience. Make on-the-fly updates to the content of the screen, so the messages are relevant and useful. Examples of digital signage for resorts can be used for customer service include:

  • Resort digital directories with maps
  • Local area map with points of interest
  • Lists of daily resort entertainment options
  • Showcase exclusive specials and activity package

Why NoviSign?

NoviSigns’ Digital Signage for Resorts is the industries most straightforward to use the most reliable platform for resort digital signage. The software is cloud-based and specially designed for the user with NO experience in digital signage. The system runs on Android, Chrome OS and Windows media player. Pricing in a month to month and no contract is required. Using the included customizable templates, you can easily and quickly create your content using the drag-and-drop widgets:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Ticket
  • Shapes & Background
  • Label
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • News RSS
  • Weather
  • Clock
  • URL
  • Text
  • Pools
  • YouTube
  • Instagram