After overcoming most of the hardware-related obstacles that prevented Digital Signage from entering the SMB (small and medium business) market, it seems like the Digital Signage industry is charging ahead in the SMB world!

Previously, the main obstacles were screens and players. The prices of screens dropped by hundreds of percents, and early implementers realized that using Android-based Digital Signage was not only much cheaper, it was also available in any electronics store; as a result, there was no need to purchase expensive and proprietary Digital Signage players requiring special support. These SMBs and their system integrators are now discovering the wonders of software as a service (SaaS) and, specifically, Digital Signage SaaS-based solutions. These solutions, together with Android-based Digital Signage players, offer system integrators complete freedom to choose from a variety of vendors and propose the best and most cost-effective solution for a given project.

Today, the main key differentiation between the various Digital Signage SaaS providers is the flexibility of the CMS (content management system) editing tool and the ability to build professional content. Some vendors already provide strong editors that enable any user, even with basic IT skills (but with more than limited design skills), to built a professional looking campaign. Innovative vendors are adding widgets that let the user broadcast RSS, YouTube, shapes and text and even weather forecasts and Facebook/Twitter posts. In some cases we can see advanced interactive Digital Signage software capabilities in the shape of polls or surveys or even games, built on top of the Digital Signage software and added as external features, where smart phones are used as joysticks and controls.

Digital Signage software has not yet maxed out its capabilities. After removing the hardware obstacle out of the way, Digital Signage software is left free to bloom. Take advantage – let it work for you!